I’m on a mission to spread creativity throughout the world.

I work with creative people of all kinds and at all stages of their career to feel more confident and in tune with their creativity so they can go out and change the world.

For a long time I pushed my creativity into the smallest spaces in my life, because I didn’t think I was ‘allowed’ to live and work creatively.

That’s not true, and I don’t want anyone else to feel like I did.

In my mission to spread creativity throughout the world, I provide one to one coaching, guest lecturing, public speaking, business consultancy and workshops, group events, DIY products, and giving away as much knowledge as possible for free.

I use my extensive background in marketing and comms, training in non-violent communication, experience as a coach and educator and learnt organisational skills to help you grow in confidence and sing in tune with your creativity.

I work with you on four areas.

I’ve found these four areas contribute significantly to personal and professional creative fulfilment:

Your Mindset: How You Think
self-belief, self-confidence and agency

Your Organisation: How You Act
planning and accountability

Your Operations: How You Work
processes, products and services

Your Communication: How You Talk
sharing, marketing and promoting

What I offer.

One to one coaching

Together we’ll work on your personal confidence and creativity challenges. Whether it’s getting organised or promoting your business in the right way, we’ll tackle it – together.

Sessions are in person or via Skype, for one hour, finishing with a detailed action plan plus in-depth email or WhatsApp conversation follow up, and email access at any time.

I have a flat fee for one to one coaching. The call + action plan + follow up + email access is £100.

People see the best results when they have 2 sessions a month for a minimum of 2 months – a programme of 4 sessions where we have the space to look at each area of your creativity in turn.

(Read about those results in my Client Stories.)

Book a free 30 minute discovery call here to see if we ‘click’ and get all the answers you need.

Guest lecturing

I love working with undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop their creative projects, including final major projects, portfolio and dissertations.

I currently work part-time at Leeds Arts University with Levels 5 and 6 in Fashion and Fashion Branding, and have taught at University of Leeds and London College of Fashion across marketing, branding, FMP, portfolio and careers modules. 

As a guest lecturer I’m able to bring in my personal experience for one-off sessions, crits, career guidance, visiting professional talks, panels or module cover.

Public speaking

Since 2009 I’ve been speaking publicly about the power of creativity and connection in front of audiences from 20 to 200.

My public speaking credits include academic conferences in New York and Stockholm, leadership programmes for the Laidlaw Scholars and keynote at the University of Leeds Insight conference.

As a speaker I like to involve my audience. My job is not to be the expert for your audience; it’s to facilitate their own knowledge and personal creative development.

Business consultancy and workshops

I work with independent, boutique and small creative businesses to develop the building blocks of what they do so they can achieve their goals.

I can provide consultancy for your business – where I come in to support your team, come up with ideas, and offer suggestions – or run specific workshops to help your team find the answers for themselves.

As a business consultant and workshop facilitator I focus on values-led activities to develop your business fundamentals, including customer profiling, branding, services development and marketing strategy.

Group events

For self-employed, freelance and independent creative people, I co-run group events to support their personal and creative development.

With my sister, we run events under the name Clan. These events are a combination of networking, creative activities and community problem-solving, providing support for people who may otherwise work in isolation.

Self-help products

In 2020 I will be launching a series of self-help products that you can use to discover and strengthen your unique creative identity.

These multimedia products are based on my years of experience as a workshop facilitator, speaker and educator, with personal, reflective exercises and practical exercises to help solve some of the common problems creative people face.

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To further spread creativity throughout the world, I also try to give as much knowledge as possible away for free.

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You can email me if you want to say hi: hello@eleanorsnare.com

And even write to me: Eleanor Snare c/o The Greenhouse, 8a Stonegate Road, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4HY.

Not sure what you need? Don’t panic.

Most of the people I work with come to me unsure of what exactly they need – they just know they need help.

I’m here to help you work out what solution is going to be best for you, which includes working with someone else if they’re a better fit or can give you what you need.

Send me an email hello@eleanorsnare.com with the subject line ‘I’m not sure what I need’ and we’ll take it from there.