Hello. I’m Eleanor!

I help creative businesses grow by supporting people to reach their full potential.


Here’s what I believe.

When you value yourself and the work you do, you will make your creative business successful.

That’s because you believe in what you’re doing. You begin to make better work, tell others about it with confidence, tap into all you have to offer, and create sustained success for the business you’re in.

But to get to a place where you value yourself and the work you do, you will need help – because we all do.


I believe we are all unique souls who, when recognised and nurtured, can have experiences that help us become our true selves.

When we feel valued, we begin to let go of damaging behaviours built on fear, loss and low self-esteem. Letting go of these behaviours lets us fulfil our potential and changes our work and our world for the better.

I believe real and sustained success for creative businesses comes when the people running them and working in them believe in themselves and what they’re doing.

I mentor individuals working in the creative industries – in teams or running their own business – using conversation, self-directed activities, practical tools and examples from my professional experience to help them overcome obstacles to valuing themselves and communicating more effectively.

If you believe in this, let’s work together.

If you manage a team within a business …

Work with me to mentor individuals in your team.

While the mentoring packages do include group sessions, this isn’t group mentoring.

It’s individual mentoring to tackle individual problems, with powerful results for each person and your entire team.

If you run your own creative business …

Work with me to mentor you, one-to-one, as a business owner.

You’ll get the time, space and tools you need to overcome your unique personal challenges to valuing yourself, valuing your work, and talking about it with confidence.


Our work together will fundamentally change you and your business.

“I worked with Eleanor when I was planning on taking my business in a new direction. As a result I became more focused on who I wanted to attract. I also overhauled my Instagram feed and actually started booking clients. In fact most of my business now comes from Instagram and the changes I made to my website.” Maryanne

“Eleanor’s work was excellent – well-structured and gave me a clear understanding of what I should do and how I should do it. She is really inspirational to work with, and also listens and understands what is required.” Charlotte

“Her mentoring skills have meant an individual in my team has been able to grow in confidence within her role and excel at what she does. I would urge anyone to work with Eleanor, it’s a great experience!” Jessica

“Eleanor helped me to narrow down on some of the choices that felt like a good path for me, and gave me useful questions to consider that have helped me get clearer still on the next steps I can take. I’d really recommend working with Eleanor if you’re looking for some gentle but no nonsense, common sense but creative, knowledgeable and hugely supportive mentoring.” Jennifer

After working together, my clients have:

  • More confidence in their work and creativity
  • Stronger, more innovative ideas
  • Clearer communication with their clients
  • Greater emotional intelligence and kinder ‘self-talk’
  • Tools to help them tap into their full potential
  • And belief in the value of who they are and what they do

And their business has:

  • Stronger, clearer communication channels with clients
  • Greater resilience to ride out tricky times
  • Better relationships with clients
  • More feelings of ease and fewer feelings of stress
  • A more sustainable growth pattern
  • And a strong belief in the value of what it brings to the world


My journey to mentoring

Let me start with the important things.

I believe we’re all unique souls who can become our true selves through recognition and nurturing. I believe we can all value ourselves and what we have to offer. And I believe our creative work is a great place to begin.

Looking back, I can see my career in the creative industries has been characterised by wanting these things: for the clients and colleagues I worked with to feel truly themselves and truly valued.

But it’s not been a straight line from then to now.

Free content to give you a taste of what mentoring is like.

I’m able to give you a selection of freely-available content so you can to get to know me, how I communicate and the way I work before you invest in working with me as a mentor.

Ready to spend some time together?

Investing in a mentor is an important decision. Book a free, 30-minute call and we can see whether we ‘click’.