The role of intuition

Connecting to our true self has a dark side. There are mountains to climb and the risk that our life won’t be the same afterwards. If you’re willing to scale the mountain, you’ll be rewarded with a deep sense of personal acceptance, better decision-making skills and improved creativity.

There’s no shortcut through the mountains, but there are ways to make the path easier.

Committing time and energy to the process makes it easier. A weekly lunch break focused on personal development is good; a daily activity is even better. This could be writing a diary, meditating, mindfulness practice or ‘check ins’ with yourself throughout the day to see how you’re feeling. It’s not about going in hard – you successfully climb a mountain step by step, not by trying to sprint to the top.

These practical activities will begin to change your mindset, and that in turn makes the path easier. But a profound mindset shift that will melt some of the mountains in front of you is tuning back in to your intuition.

Intuition is something we have all used at least once in our lives, whether we’re conscious of it or not. It’s what tells us that someone out of our eye-line is looking at us, that someone isn’t to be trusted or that a client is interested in buying from you. We hone our unique intuition over our lives by developing our talents and simply doing things over and over again. If you ask a painter how they know where to put that particular stroke of blue, they might say “I just know” – just as if you ask an entrepreneur how they knew it was a good time to start a business, they might tell you “It just felt right”.

However, depending on our personality and life experience, we might struggle to ‘hear’ that intuition, or even trust it when we do hear it. Learning to tune back into our intuition is like fiddling with a radio; it takes a while to find the right station.

Intuition is a matter of listening and trust, and done right it will help you scale those mountains much more quickly than if you are regularly doubting your own decisions and second-guessing yourself.

One of my favourite phrases to help my clients recognise their intuition and act on it is simple “I trust you to make the right decision”; said authentically, it’s a great phrase for leaders and managers to use when consulting with their team.

For individuals and those within organisations, there’s a phrase from one of my favourite authors, Clarissa Pinkola-Estés, which is like a direct line to listening to your intuition. You can say this phrase to yourself, then listen out for the response:

“You have good judgement. What do you think lies hidden behind all this?”

The answer might just move some mountains.

By Eleanor Snare

Eleanor Snare is a creativity consultant, art school educator, writer and speaker. Their mission is to help liberate the hidden artist within individuals and organisations so they can create more meaningful, imaginative and profitable work.

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