Warhol, leadership and chicken noodle soup

Every week on Monday at 12:00 GMT there's a community chat called the Humans First EMEA Hangout. Last week we were posed the following challenge: define the form of future leadership in the new age. So, we talked about soup. Mike Vacanti described a metaphor for leadership development of making chicken noodle soup. It's something we all enjoy and somethi[...]


Capturing life

When I was seventeen and studying art, I visited the school library for inspiration. During that difficult couple of late-teenage years, books, particularly art books, transported me elsewhere; somewhere where mundane requirements like time and maths lessons and trauma didn't exist. So I was searching for inspiration when I sat down that day. But I was also loo[...]

Exploring the barriers to an artist’s personal growth

Recently I shared a writing concern on Twitter, asking “Is there a word count at which you start feeling like you’re wading into custard?”. At around 25,000 words into my book, I felt as if I was running out of steam. My natural inclination was to go back and start tinkering with what I’d already written, but the advice from an excellent writer-friend of mine[...]