Showing up requires these three things

Showing up is a topic that has come up for me recently in a couple of different ways.

The first one is in conversations with a client of mine where we’ve been discussing the challenges that come with working from home.

In particular, how do you ensure that you do the things that you want to get done, even if there are lots of other things going on, even if you’re distracted, or even if you have a tendency to procrastinate. Good question!

The other way that this has been showing up for me is in my own experience.

As I’ve been putting more things out into the world which are an authentic expression of who I am and what I’m interested in – as I come home to the work that I want to do in the world – I’m finding myself up against some struggles when it comes to showing up.

In this video I dive into three aspects of showing up as yourself, unapologetically, which characterise the way I work. You don’t have to do all of them, all at once – just pick one of these three points and start.

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By Eleanor Snare

Eleanor Snare is a creativity consultant, art school educator, writer and speaker. Their mission is to help liberate the hidden artist within individuals and organisations so they can create more meaningful, imaginative and profitable work.

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