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the three Rs

Using art, I help leaders and their teams develop and thrive through change in a way that honours the experience of each individual and the needs of the organisation.

Together, we will repurpose the language of art to reimagine what you do and create a regenerative future.

I develop bespoke programmes for my clients, based on initial consultation and budget. I can give more when I know you more, so I aim to work with all my clients on a long-term basis.



For boutique businesses moving through change



Short, tailored workshop



For businesses with teams on a specific change journey




1/2 day workshop



For businesses with practised engagement tactics moving through significant change





1/2 day workshop

Follow ups


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“Life is meant to be fun, and joyous, and fulfilling.”

Jim Henson

1:1 Coaching

I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring packages to solopreneurs, artists and freelancers, focusing on ensuring business success without compromising on creative vision.


“Eleanor’s session was vital in understanding the purpose and ethos of the business. The output was pivotal to the launch of the website and our current success.”- Peter, founder Found Us Recruitment
“Elly challenged us to think deeper, then helped us understand how we can articulate what we do in a way that makes sense to our audience.” - Andrew, co-founder Candle Digital
“Eleanor gave me clarity on what services I should be offering and helped me come up with some unique ideas that are completely different to anything else in my industry.” - Arash, independent stylist
“Eleanor helped us identify the things we should emphasise and the things that make us unique. The moment we had the results from their work, it became easier to make the decisions we needed for our business.” - Kate, co-founder MCG Agency
“Elly’s workshops are incredibly insightful and actionable.” - Jessica, Maxwell Scott
“Eleanor’s mentoring skills have meant an individual in my team has grown in confidence within her role and excelled at what she does. Just an all-round great person to work with.” - Jess, Virtual College
“Elly totally nailed what we were aiming to achieve. We were quickly able to establish the core of our expertise and describe it in a way clients would appreciate. Highly recommended.” - Ben, independent production manager

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