Celtic Journey: 7 Card reading


An extensive 7 card reading focusing on the next stage of your life journey, based on the myths and legends of Celtic spirituality.

The cards are rich in Celtic symbolism, featuring mystical beings, animal helpers and unique lands. They are illustrated by Chesca Potter and have a colourful lively aesthetic that’s ideal for creative or artistic people. These cards and my reading are most appropriate for broad, open-ended queries about a client’s life or area of their life.

Alongside the cards I draw a number of crystals to give further insight on how you can support the next stage of your journey using holistic methods.

The reading results are delivered through a ~60 minute video call, where together we will discuss the reading.

You will also receive suggested actions and journalling prompts via email to help you embed the reading into your life.

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The reading

This card reading uses a pack of beautifully illustrated cards by Chesca Potter and designed by John Matthews. They were specifically created to aid people interested in Celtic symbols and mythology to take shamanic  journeys into the ‘otherworld’ realms, visiting places, beings and creatures illustrated on the cards to seek answers to their life’s questions.

I use these cards in a 7 card reading I have developed encompassing the client’s role, the world they will visit next, the forces which will support them and more:

1. The Realm in which the journey will take place

2. The Role you will take in this journey

3. The Element which will influence this journey

4 – 6. The Helpers for this journey

7. The Force which is overseeing this journey

The cards and my interpretations of the cards are used to support a client’s own perception of their life stage.

Alongside the Celtic Journey cards, I draw a number of crystals which are ‘called’ to sit with the cards. I read these with the cards in mind to provide further insight into your current experience and what support you may need during the next stage of your life.


I’ll share the reading results and my interpretations with you through a ~60 minute video call where we’ll discuss the reading. The call will be recorded so you can watch it again.

Afterwards, I’ll email you with the link to watch the recording along with suggested actions and questions to help you embed the interpretations of the cards into your life.

The process and queries

Once you’ve purchased the reading, I’ll email you to discuss your question. These cards and reading are most appropriate for broad, open-ended queries about a client’s life or area of their life. They talk to the journey of existence and what we can expect – or need to consider – in the next stage so we can continue to progress and reach our highest potential.

I do not generally read on matters of health or finance, because I do not believe it empowers you to make trusting decisions about what to do with your body, mind or money. Questions instead are more often about family, personal relationships, career direction and business.

Please bear in mind the notes above about what sort of queries are most appropriate for these cards and layout. If you are unsure whether your query fits, please email me hello@eleanorsnare.com before purchasing to discuss it and I can advise you.

Client feedback

Note on cost

If you are not able to afford this reading right now, please get in touch hello@eleanorsnare.com to discuss an alternative reading. You can also view my other personal help products here.

Alternatively, please feel free to use the layout above with your own cards to help guide you.

5% of my post-tax business income is given to charitable and sustainable projects.

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