I believe we are all one. My experience is your experience is the earth’s experience. Within that, I acknowledge and cherish our unique paths through life. All bodies, backgrounds and brains are welcomed and accommodated in the work I do. I create neurodivergent-first.


I adhere to David Orr’s principle that “All education is environmental education”. Every experience we share is an experience about the environment, both immediate and holistically. No experience exists outside of environment and ecological consciousness.


Facilitation means “to make something possible or easier; to help people reach a solution without getting directly involved”. My work is to open the door; your work is to step through.


Both me as a facilitator and you as a participant will set strong intentions for the outcomes of our work together, whether accessing a resource independently, joining a single session, listening to a talk, or a longer-term project. Success will be measured by the extent to which those intentions are prioritised throughout the experience.


We will work to acknowledge, name, share and clear out limiting beliefs or ‘secret messages’ that we might be bringing into an experience together. This allows us to recognise our shared vulnerabilities and highlight anything that might get in the way of our success.


Wherever possible, I simplify processes. This doesn’t mean denying complexity but instead acknowledging the simplest path through and within that complexity.


All of us will do our best to detach from the outcome of any experience we have together. We will have intentions we want to fulfil, but will allow what needs to emerge to do so, and be open to the possibilities of success that looks very different to what we expected.