Love the Words

Hello, I’m Eleanor!

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my website after hearing my segment on Love the Words.

I’m a teacher, coach & writer in intersectional, ecological creative education and enterprise for service and legacy.

Put simply: I teach, coach and write to help others (and myself) think and work in ways which leave a positive impact on the planet for generations to come.

Like many, my career is multi-faceted and doesn’t fit into a neat linear narrative.

From sales assistant in an art shop at 15 to teaching at art school in my 30s, I’ve worked with national telecoms firms, interior designers, e-learning companies, innovative photographers, super-trendy retail brands and plenty more besides.

In between all that I’ve travelled in Europe, Canada, the US, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and all around the UK.

These magical experiences enhanced my existing ten-mile-view of the world and mean I know what’s most important: our people, this planet, and living compassionately in its ecosystem.

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