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Working in the corporate sphere?

Looking to bring in speakers on EDI, belonging at work or neurodiversity?

I have a range of 60-90 minute keynote workshops available for corporate audiences:

  • Being Yourself at Work: How do We Encourage Self-Expression in Our Organisation?
  • What’s it Really Like Living and Working with Mental Health Problems?
  • How Your Company Can Benefit from Neurodiversity
  • Why ADHD is Secretly Awesome for Your Career
  • The Enby Experience: What Does it Mean to be Non-Binary?
  • The B Word: Reclaiming Your Feminine Power in the Workplace
  • 10 Questions to Change Your Career – For Good
  • Why Being Yourself in Your Business is An Entrepreneur’s Greatest Tool
  • Embodied Practice: How Just 20 Minutes a Day Can De-Stress Your Staff

All of these workshops are:

  • Interactive: participants will be actively engaging in their own learning
  • Embodied: everyone will get moving, rather than spending another hour sitting at their desk
  • Environmentally-engaged: everything is linked back to wider systemic conversations around sustainability and equity

You can also benefit from my coaching experience and hire me for a package of work: a keynote workshop followed up with 1:1 or group coaching to embed the learnings and troubleshoot individual issues.

To hire me, email hello@eleanorsnare.com for my latest rates and an informal conversation.


I began professional life with a full-time career in marketing and communications, during which I worked with brands including Unilever, British Telecoms, TSB, NatWest, TalkTalk, Eastpak, Shop Direct, Redcats, Lloyds Banking Group and Marks and Spencer. I developed large-scale, long-term internal communications projects, gaining first-hand insight into the most common employee engagement issues faced by organisations of all sizes, and honing my abilities as a concise yet compassionate writer.

My extensive education has given them a holistic toolkit encompassing design, craft, behavioural theory, history of art, sociology, anthropology, somatics, nonviolent communication, journal therapy and life coaching, which I weave into my keynote workshop.

Since 2015 I have been an active independent researcher examining the ways in which creativity can be used to engage young people in environmental action. I have presented at conferences across the world, most recently sharing my alternative pedagogical approaches with GuildHE and EAUC members, and I sit on the board of trustees for ChangeAgents UK, an education and learning charity focused on raising public awareness of sustainability. In 2022 my research into the pivotal role of the art educator during a time of climate emergency will be published in The Industrialisation of Arts Education (Palgrave Macmillan). I am certified Carbon Literate, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a reviewer for the journal Organizational Aesthetics. My book, Finding Your Professional Purpose: 10 Questions to a Fulfilling Career, was published in September 2022 by Bookboon, one of the world’s leading digital publishers for CPD.  

I identify as non-binary and am a vocal promoter of LGBTQIA2+ rights and narratives, alongside rights to bodily autonomy. As a young person I experienced emotional neglect, sexual trauma, significant periods of depression and, as an adult, received an ADHD diagnosis, leading me to engage with trauma-informed facilitation and coaching, as well as publicly sharing my experiences of mental health and neurodivergence to help others feel seen and heard.


“Elly was key to the success of our event, and I would have no hesistation in recommending them to others seeking a warm, engaging, down-to-earth speaker.” Roz, Programme Support Manager

“I loved your introduction to the session and the way you explained your practice and why it’s important to you. I also love how you made it a really inclusive, pressure-free space by allowing people to attend with no cameras on, and making sure everyone was informed about what they were about to do.” Embodiment class attendee

“We had such great verbal feedback about your keynote. So glad we recorded it because we all want to see it! Now just worrying about how on earth we top you next year … ” Fiona, conference organiser

“Eleanor’s mentoring skills have meant an individual in my team has grown in confidence within her role and excel at what she does. Just an all-round great person to work with.” Jess, e-learning manager

“Eleanor helped us identify the things we should emphasise and the things that make us unique. The moment we had the results from their work, it became easier to make the decisions we needed for our business.” Kate, agency founder

“People kept coming up to me after your talk and saying how brilliant you were. They loved your passion, honesty and energy. It was a privilege to have you with us.” Tess, event organiser