Four Things I Learnt in 2018 To Make as New Year Resolutions 2019

I spent the last two months of 2018 in Medellin, focusing on my creative work and the experience of the life I’m leading.

I wanted to share a few simple things I’ve learnt over those two months I was there, in a new place, doing life very differently.

I hope your year has been a fruitful one, and you’re welcoming 2019 with open arms.

Take more time
There is something delightful in sitting or standing around and not doing anything. We rush about so much back in the UK. Why? What’s the harm is sitting and doing nothing? Alan Watts, in one of his books, says if we all laid back a little more and drank a little more tequila we would be much happier. Having seen an analogous activity in action here, I would agree. Do nothing for a bit – it’s great.

See the bigger picture
The best way to stop worrying about inconsequential shit in your life and whether you are ‘doing it right’ is to go and look at the diversity of life there is on the planet. We exist on the same planet as squid, coral and anemones. Do you know how weird those things are? And yet we are all surviving and doing our best in this odd little adventure. If anemones can exist, so can you, you strange and wonderful person.

Appreciate it all
All of life is a gift, even the bugs. To have any of it is something to cherish and stop griping about. I am prone to getting in A Mood and finding things to gripe about, normally when I am actually unhappy about something else entirely. This process only detaches me from how wonderful life is (not can be – IS, all the time, whether I remember it or not) and I’m not into it any more.

Let struggle develop love
Weathering tough times helps love grow stronger. The only thing that matters, at any point in your life, is love: of yourself, of others, and of the universe. When you make it through a bad patch, you are surviving – but you’re also developing reserves to be able to love bigger and deeper in the future. Endurance of suffering is a practice and the reward for it is a more tenacious love.

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