(em)Power Hour

Experience 60 minutes of community, connection and coaching that’ll open your mind and expand your heart.

The (em)Power Hour helps creative, ecologically-conscious teachers, educators, coaches and facilitators feel connected and supported through a self-development practice of embodiment, topical reflection and witnessed coaching.

You will get the most from the (em)Power Hour if you are:

✔️ An ecologically-aware teacher, educator, coach or facilitator 

✔️ Seeking support for mind, body and spirit

✔️ Looking for alternative and active methods of self-development

✔️ Who is eager to dive into holistic, topical educational issues

✔️ And willing to ask hard questions of themselves in a supportive, safe environment

I have been facilitating and coaching for many years now, consistently receiving fantastic feedback from my diverse clients and community:

  • “Eleanor takes things to the next level by framing the big picture stuff that floats fuzzily in the margins of my mind with perfect clarity.”
  • “You were super inspiring and knowledgeable, thanks for sharing, we really need to do more of this kind of thing to have insight into other educational practice”
  • “Elly’s coaching gave me the clarity and boost I needed … I came away feeling reinvigorated and supported.”
  • “The coaching session we had way back has been the support I needed to me to get to where I am today. You made a difference. Thank you.”
  • “You have energised me more than Joe Wicks!”

I invite you to join me for my free (em)Power Hour livestreamed via LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube for a unique blend of movement, topical thoughts and the opportunity for 1:1 witnessed coaching.

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The Basics

📯 The session is FREE for all 

🕛 The session is 60 minutes maximum

🎶 It includes embodiment practice and topical reflections

🔍 With an opportunity for 1:1 witnessed coaching or AMA session 

💗 Finishing up with a thank you and upcoming offers

What is Witnessed Coaching?

Coaching usually takes place 1:1 privately, with just you and the coach. Witnessed Coaching takes place in front of others.

The benefits to this are:

  1. Added accountability for the coachee
  2. Making shared connections with the group
  3. Plus systemic links can be made by the coach between coachees
  4. Leading to greater understanding and
  5. Peer-to-peer learning for the group from individual coaching moments

If you are chosen for witnessed coaching you will be invited to join me live on video during the (em)Power Hour, so have your camera and microphone ready. 

You can request 1:1 witnessed coaching before the session using this form: https://forms.gle/etjAuatg1aSbpUwq5

The Important Bits

🖖 However you show up is welcome – all bodies, minds and moments are welcome

🕺 Be in a space where you can easily move and remember to be gentle with any injuries or trauma you may have

😖 Expect to feel things before, during and after the (em)Power Hour and have relevant, reliable care practices in place to support you

✨ The (em)Power Hour is a safe space. Your limiting beliefs and assumptions will likely be challenged. What will not be challenged is who you are, in this moment. I reserve the right and responsibility to manage the space to ensure this happens. ✨

⚠️ Please consider your own physical and mental state before you choose to do this practice. Embodiment and coaching can bring up emotions and it is crucial you are well-resourced to look after yourself. It is your responsibility to do this and to make healthy choices. ⚠️

I look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Dates

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