On the path to liberate our hidden artists, both as individuals and in organisations, we take a pit stop in connection. Connection has three levels which, if we are conscious of their subtle differences, we can start to tackle them in an order which has the most effectiveness in the long-term: connection to ourselves, connection to others and connection to the system.

Imagination, questioning, intuition and understanding are all part of the journey through connection. Done well, the rewards are paradigm-shifting: greater acceptance, greater awareness, more meaningful relationships and more opportunities to share and spread creativity.

One of these rewards is the opportunity for co-creation.

We do not exist in isolation. We are all “in relation” to everything else in the world, from people and organisations to cultures and nations. And yet we each have, as the poet Rumi writes, “a separate and unique way of seeing and knowing and saying” this experience of being in relation to everything else. Through truthful, meaningful connections, we can bring our separate experiences together in a conscious way to co-create what we want to come next.

When we’re deeply connected to ourselves, other people and the system we’re in, something opens up for us – an opportunity to co-create the future, to co-create everything from the workplace we’re in to the life we want to have.

For each individual and organisation this will look different. It might be a personal collaboration between two artists, a project between private and public institutions or a co-created workplace culture. It might be a family, a garden or a brand partnership. All of them are co-creations that are born of connection.

Imagine how much more we could co-create if we bring our conscious attention to connection.

This is the pit stop of connection on the path to liberating hidden artists in individuals and organisations. It is one of the key behaviours, encompassing compassion and communication. It is open to you to explore, whenever you wish.

All it takes is a little imagination.

By Eleanor Snare

Eleanor Snare is a creativity consultant, art school educator, writer and speaker. Their mission is to help liberate the hidden artist within individuals and organisations so they can create more meaningful, imaginative and profitable work.

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