Client Story: Maryanne Scott, Branding Photographer

Maryanne and I worked together after meeting through a networking group. I love the combination of her energy and enthusiasm for what she does and the down-to-earth nature of how she does it.

When we first spoke, Maryanne’s photography business centred around weddings, but she wanted to do something closer to what she really enjoyed doing: photographing business women and helping them (and their work) be more visible.

To help Maryanne shift the direction of her work, I asked her to fill out a questionnaire so I could get to know her and her business better.

From the results of the questionnaire, I then conducted a review of her online marketing to see what she was currently communicating and what needed to change to really speak to her audience.

“I worked with Eleanor last year when I was planning on taking my business in a new direction. Eleanor did a review of my websites and social media and showed me areas I should be looking at based on who my ideal client was.

We spoke via Skype and I came away with so much useful and actionable information that completely changed how I was looking at my business.”

There’s so much information out there about how to improve your business and make it more attractive to customers … but often that can over-complicate things and ends up feel stressful rather than enjoyable. Working with Maryanne, we focused on what’s really important for a successful, creative business: who your audience is, what you’re selling and why you’re the right match for them.


Maryanne’s Instagram account before her changes


One of the most powerful things Maryanne worked on was defining exactly who she wanted to work with as a photographer, and refocused what she was doing online to ‘speak’ to these people – with some great results.

“As a result I became more focused on who I wanted to attract for my business.  I also overhauled my Instagram feed and actually started booking clients. In fact most of my business now comes from Instagram and the changes I made to my website.”

I think it’s easy to feel you’re never doing ‘enough’ with your creativity and business, because there is so much information out there encouraging you to always do something new and different. Focusing on getting the most important things right – who you work with, what you do and why you’re the best choice – is a way to change what you’re doing without feeling overwhelmed.

Maryanne’s Instagram account after her changes – audience-focused and much more on brand


Since re-focusing her business, Maryanne has taken personality-fuelled photos of people in over 150 businesses. You can find out more about Maryanne’s work on her website … and she also took all of my own branding photos!

“Eleanor is approachable, knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with.”

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