Client Story: Jennifer Cockcroft, Creative Mentor

Jennifer and I got to know each other through Instagram, where we connected over our mutual love of colour and appreciation of joyful moments in life.

Jennifer describes herself as a multi-passionate creative whose business has emerged from a decision to live a life more in line with what’s important to her. Starting out as a crafts-based business, Jennifer has developed over time to focus more on helping others with their creativity.

Her story of our work together is a really interesting one, and centres on a place we both love: New York!

Jennifer first got in touch for a Coaching for Coffee session, where we explored her feelings around her business, what the future held and which of her many ideas she could work on first.

“My coaching call with Eleanor was great and came at the perfect time. I’d been feeling really confused about where I was heading with my business and overwhelmed with potential options that were leading to decision paralysis and a lot of self-doubt. But Eleanor helped me to narrow down on some of the choices that felt like a good path for me, and gave me useful questions to consider that have helped me get clearer still on the next steps I can take.”

In a world of seemingly limitless options and serious ‘FOMO’, it’s easy to get side-tracked by another new, shiny idea which seems like the one. It’s natural and important for creative people to be overflowing with ideas; but equally as important to make sure you focus on what’s right for you and your business, doing one great thing at a time.

“Despite my tendency to go off on tangents, Eleanor kept the conversation gently on track, and their understanding and empathy for what I’ve been experiencing was really reassuring – especially in reminding me that I don’t have to have every figured out and do everything right this minute!


I feel much more comfortable and confident about letting my next projects unfold at a pace that works for me instead of worrying about what I ‘should’ be doing, because it sometimes seems like that’s what ‘everyone else’ is doing.”

Jennifer contacted me after our initial coaching session when she had decided to pursue a creative dream that had been in her mind for years: an exciting, solo, culture-packed trip to New York that would be funded by her creative business. She felt I was the right person to help with “the moral support, and the planning and accountability to do what I need to get it done”.

“Money has been one of the biggest blocks for me taking the plunge, so getting Eleanor’s support to develop my business plans to a point where I could earn the money I need before I go gave me a really concrete goal and a deadline to aim for.


Combined with this, some digging into the mental and emotional blocks holding me back has really helped clear out a lot of old stuff, and I’ve rediscovered the confidence that was always there to offer what I know I’m more than capable of.”

I put together a coaching plan for her, starting with a review of the online channels which potential customers would look at – her website, Instagram and newsletter. To help make sure she was talking to the right people, we discussed rearranging her website to be more focused on her core mentoring service and taking some time to get really clear on exactly what her mentoring could do for people.

We followed this with a 90-minute video call project planning session where we looked at what internal obstacles might be holding her back from achieving this dream, followed by going into the nitty-gritty of what she needed to do in her business to fund the trip.

“Eleanor asked some amazing questions to help me understand where a lot of the stories I’d been telling myself about why it couldn’t/wouldn’t work were coming from, which meant I’ve been able to start letting that all go and listening to my own truth, which is of a capable, confident, creative business woman with a passion for travel!


It was great to tackle this mindset work in so much detail, because it meant that once we got to planning the practicalities – of both the trip, and launching my mentoring services – it actually happened really quickly and left me little room for doubt or fear.”

Jennifer has a real gift: listening to people, helping them discover what a joyful life could be like for them, and developing ways for them to achieve that joy. So being able to support her in achieving her joyful creative dream is something I cherish.

Three days after our first coaching session, Jennifer had booked her plane ticket to New York.

Jennifer and I will be working together over the next few months before her trip to help her stay on track and give her the support she needs to fund this solo adventure. To learn more about Jennifer’s mentoring services, visit her website – and follow her on Instagram for daily doses of rainbow inspiration!

“Eleanor’s belief in me, and knowing they’ll be holding me accountable for doing the work, gave me the confidence boost I needed to commit to getting on with it, to do what I absolutely know I can do, and to have the reward of experiencing New York to look forward to.


I’d really recommend working with Eleanor if you’re looking for some gentle but no nonsense, common sense but creative, knowledgeable and hugely supportive coaching.”

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