Clever Retail Ideas for Small Businesses and Creative Entrepreneurs

If you’ve read my article on how to make the most of your retail space, you’ll now be looking for some tactics to make sure your shop, market stall or pop-up shop gets your customers to help achieve your business aim.

There are plenty of ways to find inspiration for your retail space. One you can do from the comfort of your armchair is browsing (ok, ‘becoming addicted to’) Pinterest.

But don’t search for ‘retail ideas’ because you’ll get the images everyone is seeing.

Instead, search for home trends, storage solutions and other more personal visual merchandising and display tactics.

For small businesses, these are often more cost-effective and innovative than trying to fit the latest Parisian concept store idea into a tiny retail space.

Don’t forget, your tactics should fit with what your customer needs and wants, and what you want to achieve from your retail space.

Here are my five favourite, clever retail ideas for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Clever Retail Ideas for Your Small Business Eleanor Snare


(1) Use a feature wall to draw a customer’s attention to the till or key product area.

(2) Install modular display units you can move around to fit new products and renew customer interest.

(3) Display small products inside larger items to show contrast and intrigue customers.

(4) Combine hanging window displays with information to attract and educate your customer.

(5) Show your inspiration or work-in-progress in simple ways to help customers trust your story.


You can find more inspiration by following me on Pinterest and Instagram, where I share marketing ideas and more. See you there!

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