Client Stories


Client Story: Hayley Mills-Styles, Thread Artist

Hayley approached me about working together after recognising that her own creative practice had taken a backseat. Her time was filled with community workshops and she often felt at the whims of other people's creative needs. Hayley is a thread artist specialising in story-telling through textile art. She has a distinct and beautiful visual identity - but despite h[...]


Client Story: Frances Hansom, Holistic Therapist

Frances is not only a wonderful therapist specialising in reiki and massage, but a brilliant friend too. She got in touch with me to see if, through coaching, I could help her find the joy and energy in her business again. Frances had recently decided to leave salaried employment so she could focus on developing her holistic therapy business and building it into so[...]


Client Story: Jennifer Cockcroft, Creative Mentor

Jennifer and I got to know each other through Instagram, where we connected over our mutual love of colour and appreciation of joyful moments in life. Jennifer describes herself as a multi-passionate creative whose business has emerged from a decision to live a life more in line with what's important to her. Starting out as a crafts-based business, Jennifer has dev[...]


Client Story: Maryanne Scott, Branding Photographer

Maryanne and I worked together after meeting through a networking group. I love the combination of her energy and enthusiasm for what she does and the down-to-earth nature of how she does it. When we first spoke, Maryanne's photography business centred around weddings, but she wanted to do something closer to what she really enjoyed doing: photographing business wo[...]