Communicating with impact

More of us are using virtual communication tools than ever before - in Spring 2020, Zoom saw an increase of daily users from 10 million to 200 million - and it's important we communicate authentically and with purpose, even when the tech is glitchy, we can't make eye contact and we're plagued by interruptions.


Warhol, leadership and chicken noodle soup

Every week on Monday at 12:00 GMT there's a community chat called the Humans First EMEA Hangout. Last week we were posed the following challenge: define the form of future leadership in the new age. So, we talked about soup. Mike Vacanti described a metaphor for leadership development of making chicken noodle soup. It's something we all enjoy and somethi[...]


What is a ‘core value’ and why is it important?

I’ve wanted to be an astronaut since I was a kid. I’ve also wanted to be a journalist, art teacher, ballet dancer, performance poet, university lecturer, jewellery designer, ceramic artist, writer, florist and farmer. I’ve made pots, necklaces, collages, paintings, clothing, homewares and illustrations. I’ve studied history of art, Marxism, fashion theo[...]


What can a values-led brand help me do in my creative business?

Building a strong, values-led brand sounds great. It sounds exciting and interesting. And it also sounds expensive, time-consuming and a lot of work. So why would having a values-led brand be useful? What can a good brand help you do in your business? 1. It helps you make more effective decisions. With the right brand, the biggest impact you'll see on your busin[...]

My three principles of growth (that go against popular opinion)

I’ve grown a lot over the last six to 12 months as I’ve encountered and begun to overcome one of the larger obstacles in my psyche: being comfortable with interdependence. I’ve written before about my obsessive requirement to be independent, and both the benefits and deprivations it’s resulted in during my life so far. Interdependence is astonishingly dif[...]

How I Pick My Projects Based on Personal Values as a Creative Business Owner - Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

How I Pick My Projects Based on Personal Values as a Creative Business Owner

The other week I had a fun brunch with Alix, who asked me: "How do you do the work you do, and manage to stick to your values?" If you run your own creative business, there will always be a time when you have to make a decision about a job which pays well, but doesn't fit your values. It might be that it's the wrong sort of client, the terms of the project a[...]

How to organise your creative business so you can take a holiday without worrying

How to Organise Your Creative Business so You Can Take a Holiday Without Worrying

You're convinced you need a holiday. Now what? (If you're not convinced you do, read this first.) The biggest myth for creative business owners when it comes to taking a holiday is that their business will collapse without them being there. The truth is it won't. It might be tricky to manage. You might have to set up some things in advance. But you are n[...]

Screenshot of Trello board with lists on desktop

Three More Tools I Use to Maximise My Energy and Time + Choosing the Right Tools as A Creative Business Owner

I recently shared an article on the Five Tools I Use to Maximise My Energy and Time as a Creative Business Owner. There, I mentioned that: "Having the right tools to help you do the jobs you need to do can make a huge difference to your enjoyment and fulfillment in your creative business." Here are three more tools that I rely on heavily in my daily work to bring me[...]