Connecting to ourselves

From the three levels of connection we have connecting to ourselves, connecting to others and connecting to the system. In my consulting and coaching process I sometimes start with exploring people’s connection to the system through asking questions to make the system, that is often invisible, clearer and visible. But I also frequently start with… Continue reading Connecting to ourselves


On the path to liberate the hidden artist, this season turns my attention to reaching further outwards. In spring we were galvanising energy and power to move forward; now, it’s time to connect. With this phase, my world here in the UK is moving into summer. Small changes tell me it’s happening. sprouting leaves are… Continue reading Connection


The concept of power – where it lives, who ‘owns’ it, what form it takes, where it is expressed or repressed – began to interest me during my post-grad degree. Before that I’d experienced power struggles, but didn’t have the words – or the personal power ‘muscle’ – to understand or participate in them. After… Continue reading Power

Warhol, leadership and chicken noodle soup

Every week on Monday at 12:00 GMT there’s a community chat called the Humans First EMEA Hangout. Last week we were posed the following challenge: define the form of future leadership in the new age. So, we talked about soup. Mike Vacanti described a metaphor for leadership development of making chicken noodle soup. It’s something… Continue reading Warhol, leadership and chicken noodle soup

Capturing life

The bridge of Langlois at Arles with laundresses *oil on canvas *54 x 65 cm *March 1888 *

When I was seventeen and studying art, I visited the school library for inspiration. During that difficult couple of late-teenage years, books, particularly art books, transported me elsewhere; somewhere where mundane requirements like time and maths lessons and trauma didn’t exist. So I was searching for inspiration when I sat down that day. But I… Continue reading Capturing life

What is a ‘core value’ and why is it important?

I’ve wanted to be an astronaut since I was a kid. I’ve also wanted to be a journalist, art teacher, ballet dancer, performance poet, university lecturer, jewellery designer, ceramic artist, writer, florist and farmer. I’ve made pots, necklaces, collages, paintings, clothing, homewares and illustrations. I’ve studied history of art, Marxism, fashion theory, English literature, economics… Continue reading What is a ‘core value’ and why is it important?