Connecting to the system

I am a systems thinker. That means I see everything as interconnected; everything links together, and when one part changes, the whole system changes. Not everyone thinks[...]

Three levels of connection

Connection occurs between two or more points. Here to there, A to B, Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Mr Watson. We know that we are here and we are looking to connect[...]

A connected mindset

If connection feels difficult for you, as an individual, a team member or a leader, start with an imaginative exercise. Imagine we are all, inherently, connected. You[...]


On the path to liberate the hidden artist, this season turns my attention to reaching further outwards. In spring we were galvanising energy and power to move forward; now, i[...]


The concept of power - where it lives, who ‘owns’ it, what form it takes, where it is expressed or repressed - began to interest me during my post-grad degree. Before tha[...]


Capturing life

When I was seventeen and studying art, I visited the school library for inspiration. During that difficult couple of late-teenage years, books, particularly art books, tra[...]