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Eleanor Snare

Connecting to the system

I am a systems thinker. That means I see everything as interconnected; everything links together, and when one part changes, the whole system changes. Not everyone thinks like that. I think now, more than ever, people are wrapping their heads around the idea that nothing exists in isolation. But I’d like to suggest how you can build a clearer picture of the ‘s[...]

Three levels of connection

Connection occurs between two or more points. Here to there, A to B, Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Mr Watson. We know that we are here and we are looking to connect to something that is over there. But what, or who, is it? What are we reaching out for?  There are three points we’re trying to connect to when we look at connection, either as individ[...]

A connected mindset

If connection feels difficult for you, as an individual, a team member or a leader, start with an imaginative exercise. Imagine we are all, inherently, connected. You might like to explain this with science and the space between molecules, or you might like to explain it with spiritualism and energy waves. Either way, the belief (or the pretence) is the same:[...]


On the path to liberate the hidden artist, this season turns my attention to reaching further outwards. In spring we were galvanising energy and power to move forward; now, it’s time to connect. With this phase, my world here in the UK is moving into summer. Small changes tell me it’s happening. sprouting leaves are nowhere to be seen on Monday and Tuesday tak[...]


The concept of power - where it lives, who ‘owns’ it, what form it takes, where it is expressed or repressed - began to interest me during my post-grad degree. Before that I’d experienced power struggles, but didn’t have the words - or the personal power ‘muscle’ - to understand or participate in them. After my post-graduate education, where we read art a[...]


Warhol, leadership and chicken noodle soup

Every week on Monday at 12:00 GMT there's a community chat called the Humans First EMEA Hangout. Last week we were posed the following challenge: define the form of future leadership in the new age. So, we talked about soup. Mike Vacanti described a metaphor for leadership development of making chicken noodle soup. It's something we all enjoy and somethi[...]

The one thing you can learn from my 150 days away

  If I was a millionaire, one of the things I'd do is wear a brand new pair of socks each day. There is nothing - and I mean nothing - like putting on a pair of socks straight from the pack, never been worn. Even thinking about it gives me a nice shiver. So it's with great dismay I share this with you: I haven't worn new socks in five months. My so[...]

The story of my journey to feeling worthwhile

  One of my favourite things to do is very small, like many great things in life. Each morning I like to have a glass of orange juice with my breakfast. Not particularly ground-breaking, I know. But it gives me a joyful start to a day, and it is a small, great thing. Yet for a long time I didn't do it. I thought buying orange juice (the nice stuff: [...]