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critical thinking

Teaching began last week, and I used the face-to-face time with my students to encourage some critical discussion of a fashion brand whose story focused on sustainability. At the end of the session, I asked students what they would take away from the discussion to apply to their own work. About 25% of them said: "To think more deeply about what I'm looking at",[...]

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Can starting your week on a Sunday make your work week better?

Lately, I've become interested in ideas about time and how we structure it. My new teaching role means I am spending three days a week on that, with two days a week on my creative practice and two days for a weekend. But as I've been transitioning into this new structure (from two days on teaching and three on creative practice) I've started to question ho[...]


Communicating with impact

More of us are using virtual communication tools than ever before - in Spring 2020, Zoom saw an increase of daily users from 10 million to 200 million - and it's important we communicate authentically and with purpose, even when the tech is glitchy, we can't make eye contact and we're plagued by interruptions.



On the path to liberate our hidden artists, both as individuals and in organisations, we take a pit stop in connection. Connection has three levels which, if we are conscious of their subtle differences, we can start to tackle them in an order which has the most effectiveness in the long-term: connection to ourselves, connection to others and connection to the system[...]


The importance of understanding

In this pit stop of connection, your approach to connection with others is crucial if you want to fully liberate your creativity. With a greater number of connections, you have more opportunities to act on your creativity, collaborate and share your work with the world. With a deeper strength of connection, you have the improved ability to imagine better ideas as[...]


Connecting to others

In the middle of the three levels of connection, we have connecting to others. When we’re looking at connection, either as individuals or as organisations, this is where we often start. Connecting meaningfully to other people is crucially important to our happiness, health and wellbeing. That’s not something to argue against. What I would argue against is that[...]

The role of intuition

Connecting to our true self has a dark side. There are mountains to climb and the risk that our life won’t be the same afterwards. If you’re willing to scale the mountain, you’ll be rewarded with a deep sense of personal acceptance, better decision-making skills and improved creativity. There’s no shortcut through the mountains, but there are ways to make[...]

Connecting to ourselves

From the three levels of connection we have connecting to ourselves, connecting to others and connecting to the system. In my consulting and coaching process I sometimes start with exploring people’s connection to the system through asking questions to make the system, that is often invisible, clearer and visible. But I also frequently start with exploring pe[...]