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About me

I work as a bridge and catalyst between art, nature, self-development and business. Using art as a self-developmental practice, I help people thrive through change in a way that honours the experience of each individual and the needs of the organisation and environment they’re in. I’m an educator, artist, sustainable living advocate and grilled cheese fan.

Before launching my own business, I was a communication specialist agency-side, working with international clients such as Marks & Spencer, Shop Direct, Eastpak, BT, Unilever, TSB and NatWest. I took my corporate experience, combined it with my art education and began working with entrepreneurs to coach them through change and growth.

Art is the language and tool we need to get to the next level of what we want to achieve – both as business leaders and a society. Art communicates, explores, resolves and, most importantly, reimagines.

For ten years I have been writing and speaking about the power of art for change through my blog, email newsletter and spots as keynote, panellist and visiting speaker. I’m an educator and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy who has taught at the London College of Fashion, the University of Leeds School of Design, and Leeds Arts University.

Some of my work at the intersection of education, art and sustainability includes being one of the first academics to write critically on fashion blogging and running a successful careers programme based on ‘ikigai’. 

I believe that unleashing your inner artist is a method of reimagining a regenerative future that’s accessible to all of us.

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My values: generation, imagination, simplicity, trust and sustainability.

How I Work

I develop bespoke programmes for my clients, based on initial consultation and budget. I can give more when I know you more, so I aim to work with all my clients on a long-term basis.


Fun STuff

I love grilled cheese, growing vegetables, creating art, learning about self-development, dancing to 80s music, reading science fiction and listening to improv podcasts. My own art practice includes performance poetry, collage and fashion.

I’m a visible non-binary and queer person using they/them pronouns and champion for mental wellbeing, equity and diversity.

Join in as I explore how art can reimagine the future of our world …



My blog is a place of prediction and prophecy, where you’ll learn what’s coming next and how to maximise it in your work.



Art Works is my prompt-led podcast featuring conversations with creatives and engagement actions to try today.



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