A connected mindset

If connection feels difficult for you, as an individual, a team member or a leader, start with an imaginative exercise.

Imagine we are all, inherently, connected.

You might like to explain this with science and the space between molecules, or you might like to explain it with spiritualism and energy waves. Either way, the belief (or the pretence) is the same: everything is connected, from plants and minerals through humanity up to planet-level gases and the weather.

This belief helps the process of connection because rather than reaching out through nothingness to connect with someone else, you are simply remembering that we are already connected. You don’t have to conjure anything up from your imagination; it’s about using your memory instead.

If this suggestion feels like a step too far, perhaps you can instead think of everything as existing “in relation” to each other, in the words of Anodea Judith.

Everything exists in a relationship of some kind to everything else; the sky is above me, the coffee cup is next to me, my colleague is across the table from me. We are all in relation to each other, at all times. This helps with the process of connection because that relationship already exists; you are using your memory to remember it’s there.

True, deep, meaningful connection is available to everyone – with a little imagination.

By Eleanor Snare

Eleanor Snare is a creativity consultant, art school educator, writer and speaker. Their mission is to help liberate the hidden artist within individuals and organisations so they can create more meaningful, imaginative and profitable work.

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