Welcome, life-long learners and students of all ages, to my virtual office here on the internet! Come in and take a seat.

My specialist subjects are education for environment, education for sustainable development, creative communications, and marketing with socio-economic-political awareness. I offer critical education in these subjects, and the archive of writing here on this website is a way you can explore my teaching paradigm – it’s a bit like a reading list, but without the ISBNs.

I have an open-door policy for online interactions: I welcome new connections and happy to chat with you one-to-one when you’re looking for eco-focused guidance, new ideas and enthusiasm about your latest project. I spend lots of time offline, but when I’m here my door is always open.

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” 

Bertholt Brecht

I’ve been an educator for nearly a decade now, teaching hundreds of students and encouraging them to expand their minds and hearts. I’ve taught in red-brick and post-1992 universities, and am now a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Arts University, the only specialist art school in the north of England.

For those who’ve ‘graduated’ into conscious entrepreneurs and practitioners, I have a 12-month personalised coaching programme. Think of it as your Masters in legacy-leaving, priced for maximum participation.

I have also created an open enrolment course for creatives called root&branch, which uses nature as a tool for personal leadership. Learn more here.

My purpose in this lifetime is to be of planetary service, whether that’s in my teaching practice, client supervision or simply everyday life. How can I help you with your purpose?

Like many, my career is multi-faceted and doesn’t fit into a neat linear narrative. From an art shop at 15 to art school in my 30s, I’ve worked with national telecoms firms, interior designers, e-learning companies, innovative photographers, super-trendy retail brands and plenty more besides.

In between all that I’ve travelled in Europe, Canada, the US, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia and all around the UK. These magical experiences enhanced my existing ten-mile-view of the world and mean I know what’s most important: our people, this planet, and living compassionately in its ecosystem.

In my own time I am a kitchen gardener, design and sew my own clothes, make herbal remedies, go for walks, and take every opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary world and my place in it.

I am indebted to my own teachers, including Mrs Tanswell, Mrs Lennie, Ms Kilcoyne, Mr Faulkner and Mr Miller, Vicki and Gwen, Dr Gail Day, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Alan Watts, Henry David Thoreau, John Whittington, David Orr, Joanna Macy and David A. Gruenewald.

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

BA (Hons) Design and Applied Arts, 2:1

MA History of Art, Distinction

Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Introduction to Herbalism 10 week course

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying 2 day intensive

Silversmithing 10 week course

Foundation Training in Non Violent Communication 2 day intensive

Life Coaching Diploma Level 3 (150 CPD hours)

Journal Therapy Diploma (150 CPD hours)

Creative Lead and Content Writer in agency (’11-’12)

Comms Specialist and Copywriter in agency (’12-’15)

Visiting Lecturer London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainable Fashion (’17)

Teaching Fellow University of Leeds (’13-’18)

Self-employment in brand, communication and marketing (’15-’19)

Senior Lecturer Leeds Arts University (’20 – )

Researcher in intersection of education, art and sustainability

Conference presentations in Milan, Stockholm, London and New York

Published in Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture Vol 12 Issue 3 (’14)

Creator of employment programme grounded in ‘ikigai’ (’16)

Keynote speaker University of Leeds Design Futures (’19)

Speaker Pebble Magazine Future Fest (’20)

Two month self-funded solo sabbatical around Asia (’14)

Lived and worked in Colombia, Canada and US (’19)

Awarded Best Specialist Blog at Blog North (’12)

Finalist ModeConnect International Fashion Writing (’14)

Nomination: University of Leeds Partnership Award for Innovation (’18)

Creator and curator of Sex Tapes, a night of sex positive spoken word (’19)

Category winner Venoor Poetry in Design (’19)

You can hear what I’m like in my podcast interviews on my Media page. I love deep conversation so please, get in touch if you would like to have me as a guest!



I’ve been writing online for about ten years, and my blog is full of big, new and creative ideas to inspire you.



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I live in Leeds, UK, with my lovely partner, a lot of books and an abundant vegetable patch.

I welcome connections, conversations and clients. Email me: hello@eleanorsnare.com.

“Great artists make the roads; good teachers and good companions can point them out.”

Ursula K. Le Guin