Start marketing your creative business in a sustainable way.

If you want to…

  • Change the way you market your creative business so it really works
  • Start marketing your new, creative business in the right way
  • Learn how to market your creative business without burning out

…I can help.

Creative businesses aren’t like other businesses.

People who run creative businesses are different.

You’ve got a business full of great ideas, you understand your customer and you want to stand out. You’re running the whole show (with maybe a little help) and your heart is in your work, not trying to come up with new marketing ideas on miniature budgets.

You might be a boutique owner, craftsperson, fashion designer, stylist, photographer or writer. You’ve chosen this creative path because you love it, and you’re determined to make a career of it.

You love your business, you love your customers, but you don’t love your marketing. You might be smashing Instagram, or designing incredible flyers … but in your heart you know something in your marketing is missing.

If this sounds familiar, take a look at my services.

Marketing doesn’t have to mean selling out.

Marketing can be sustainable. It can mean something different.

You don’t have to take part in quick-fix, reactive marketing tactics. You don’t have to jump on every marketing bandwagon because you think it might work. You don’t have to be on social media 24/7, even if your customers are.

You don’t have to be a slave to your marketing.

When your marketing is sustainable, it’s about selling well – not selling out.

I believe in the sustainable path.

Ask yourself:

Can I carry on doing this for the rest of my life without hurting myself, others or my environment?

If the answer is “no”, what you’re doing is unsustainable. It will cause harm.

If your answer is “Oh, but I’ll only do it this way for a week or so, it’s just one late night, it’s just this particular meeting…”, then it is not sustainable. It will cause harm, even if you only do it for a week or so.

The sustainable path is one you can take for your business, where best practice is everyday practice.

Where you’re enjoying your marketing, not having it burn you out.

Where fulfilling your potential is fun, not a reminder of how much you haven’t achieved.

Marketing services just for creative businesses.

To help you market your creative business in a sustainable way I offer two core services:

  1. Consultancy, to support you in coming up with successful marketing ideas
  2. Training, to support you in delivering successful marketing ideas

You can also hire me as a copywriter, if you’d like some help writing successful marketing materials.

Eleanor Snare | Marketing Consultant and Copywriter for Creative Businesses | Profile Photo

Three reasons why I’m different from other marketing people.

#1. I really do believe marketing can be sustainable.

My values are helping, learning, love, nature and play. My path through the maelstrom of life is a sustainable one.

This applies to marketing as well as what I eat, wear and do with my time. I choose projects which fit with my values and my approach to sustainable marketing.

I started my own business because I felt marketing agencies didn’t always work with these principles in mind, and it made employees – and clients – unhappy.

Your marketing can be sustainable. It can be best practice every day.

#2. I want you to make me redundant.

My aim is to give you the skills and confidence to market your creative business successfully. My goal is that, eventually, you won’t need me – because you’ll have all the answers yourself.

#3. I am only ever honest.

Sincerity, straight-talk and support – that’s how I work. That’s how you know I won’t deliberately baffle you or convince you to do something that’s bad for you and your business.

Sell well, don't sell out.

Start marketing your creative business with integrity today.