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Hello! Thanks for reading. Welcome to my site. I’m Eleanor Snare and here you can learn more about why I do what I do.

My ikigai is to help people fulfil their potential.

Ikigai roughly translates as “the reason for which I get up in the morning”. I’m an educator, a communicator and a consultant – I can’t help but help people fulfil their potential.


I believe we often rush to fulfil potential by completing things too quickly, without really enjoying the process. We treat life and work as a giant to-do list, forgetting our biggest priority should be to enjoy what we’re doing.

Lots of ‘help’ for marketers, entrepreneurs or small business owners focuses on quick fix ’emergency’ solutions. That way of life and work is inherently stressful, because you’re always reacting and rushing to do things. It’s not very enjoyable either.

So, I help people fulfil their potential through doing things in a sustainable way. If you don’t know whether something is sustainable or not, ask yourself:

Can I continue to do what I’m doing for the rest of my life without harming myself, others or the environment in which I exist?

If the answer is “no”, the thing you’re doing isn’t sustainable; it cannot be sustained without serious damage.

I believe wholeheartedly in the sustainable approach. I don’t do rapid answers or corner cutting or ‘business strategy in an hour’ or anything like that. I play the long game – the sustainable game. So should you.


This website focuses on giving you support to help you market your creative business in a sustainable way.

It’s also a place for me to talk about new ideas and experiences which I think could be interesting, useful or challenging for you to hear about.

Some of the key topics you’ll read about are:

  • Sustainable marketing practices and ideas
  • Fashion and fashion marketing (my specialism)
  • Learning, teaching and development


Enjoy reading and exploring the site, and get in touch via email or on social media (@ebsnare) to say hello.


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