Six Weeks to Your Bold Beginning

Six Weeks to Your Bold Beginning is a series of six highly-focused one-to-one sessions that will help you bring your latest project into the world.

You have an idea you want to bring to life.
You’re excited about what you could do with it.
But you just can’t seem to get started.

Things always seem to get in the way.

You don’t quite know how to organise your to-do list or your time.
You can’t seem to stay motivated, and self-doubt creeps in.
You’re worried you’re aiming too high – and that you might fail.

But you don’t have to feel like that.

Wouldn’t it be great to go from …

“I’ve got this sort of idea, y’know?” to “I know what I’ve got and I know where it’s going”

“I’ll never get this off the ground” to “I’m confident I can do this”

“Maybe I’ll get round to it next month” to “I’m on top of what I need to do”

“Everyone else is doing so much more than me” to “I’m happy other people are doing what they love … and so am I!”

If you want to shift your mindset, remove self-doubt, worry and procrastination, and start your new project with confidence …

Six Weeks to Your Bold Beginning is right for you.

“Eleanor’s work was excellent – well-structured and gave me a clear understanding of what I should do and how I should do it. She is really inspirational to work with, and also listens and understands what is required.”

What we'll tackle

Over six weeks, we’ll work together to build strength in yourself and a bold beginning for your project. We will tackle:

  • Defining exactly why you want to bring this idea into the world, what it is, how it will work and its benefits to your community and customers
  • Managing and encouraging your motivation so you make sure your idea comes to life, even in the face of your inner critic
  • Controlling your time and to-do list so you feel on top of your tasks, even when you’re juggling multiple responsibilities
  • Clarifying what success means to you and how you’ll get there, even when self-doubt, worry and other gremlins come calling

“I went away from the meeting buzzing with ideas and even started putting some of the advice into practice on the journey home. I’ve now got a really clear ‘checklist’ of things that I can work on in my own time and at my own pace but I don’t feel like I’m just drifting around any more!

What's in the package

In this six-week package, you get 6 x weekly 45-minute, one-to-one Skype calls where I use a mix of mentoring, coaching and consulting techniques to help you build that stronger self and bold beginning for your project.

In-between the calls, you’ll have personal email access to me every week to aid your decision making and manage any wobbles, plus I’ll send resources your way that you can use to keep on track.

I’ll also be supporting you every step of the way on social media to boost your confidence and your visibility.

At the end of the six weeks, you’ll be ready to take your idea into the world, knowing you have the inner strength to launch it fully and with confidence.

If you want to …

  • Re-launch your website so it has a clearer aim, content and tone
  • Create an effective and enjoyable online course for your customers
  • Finding the right niche for you and your work, and establish your expertise
  • Start selling a new range of products through your online or offline store

… Six Weeks to Your Bold Beginning is right for you.

“Eleanor has a knack of asking the right questions at the right time, and when mixed with her extensive insights and experience, is quite a potent mix! She challenged us to think deeper, and then helped us understand how we can articulate what we do in a way that made sense to our audience.”

A little about me

Hi! I’m Eleanor, and in 2015 I started my own business to help small business owners be successful and feel good in the process.

I’ve worked with architects, PR companies, personal stylists, fine artists, branding photographers, luxury handbag creators, interior designers and independent jewellers to shift from feeling frazzled and unfocused to becoming the confident, collected and creative business owner they knew they could be.

I’ve built a career I love, and I didn’t do it by winning the lottery, having a family with lots of connections, or selling snake oil or my soul.

I did it by recognising my time was mine to control …

… my motivation muscle was mine to exercise …

… and my success was my own to create.

“I was nervous about sharing my ideas with Eleanor, but she was so enthusiastic and had countless creative ideas about how to direct my marketing in the future, in turn leaving me with a new energy and excitement for how to approach selling my work!”

The price

The price of Six Weeks to Your Bold Beginning is £390.

This is split into two payments: a 30% deposit before we start, and the balance half way through the package.

If you’re ready to bring your new idea into the world …

Ready to focus on your own success, not other people’s …

Ready to feel confident you have the strength and skills to do something new …

And ready to let go of procrastination, doubt and worry …

Then you’re ready for Six Weeks to Your Bold Beginning.


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