On 27 May, my next six-week course for creative business owners starts.

Does this sound like you?

  • You run a creative business which you love but it isn’t doing as well as you want.

  • You’re in the field of visual art, 3D art or craft (like a photographer, illustrator, stylist or maker) and you’re confident of your skills in making … but not in talking.
  • There’s something missing – you feel it has potential, but you can’t seem to be consistent with what you’re saying or when you’re saying it … everything looks good, but the words aren’t right.
  • You can sense there’s some personal ‘stuff’ getting in the way of your work … like the pressure to be successful, or that you feel self-conscious, or don’t feel 100% confident in what you’re doing.
  • You want to tell more people about what you do and grow your audience.

  • But every time you come to tell people, you’re not sure what to say or how to describe what you do … or if they’re interested … so either you never say anything or you say different things every time.
  • You want some help from someone who gets how creative businesses work, but isn’t going to hassle you or approach you with a cookie-cutter to make your business just like theirs.
  • Oh, and some moral support from people in your shoes who understand what you’re going through would be nice!

If you’re nodding along, then join me in my small group course to become more confident in your work, more consistent in your message and more visible with your audience.

In this course, I work with you and a small group of creative business owners over six weeks to find your integral value and unique voice – and then put them into practice, consistently.

I do that through helping you with the key things you need to do to create success in your business:

  • Recognise your own value
  • Believe in the value of the work you’re doing
  • Communicate your value with confidence
  • Show up and be visible with your audience, consistently


Here’s what we’ll cover.

Week 1 and 2: Recognising and believing in your own value

  • Identifying your main obstacles to seeing your work as valuable
  • Tackling these obstacles so you deeply believe in the value of what you do
  • Articulating the ‘integral value’ you give to your audience – your core message

Week 3 and 4: Communicating your integral value

  • Understanding your audience’s needs: what do they really desire from you?
  • Understanding what sort of language, tone and information resonates with them
  • Developing your personal voice that suits your personality

Week 5 and 6: Showing up, consistently

  • Putting into practice your unique voice by communicating your integral value
  • Tackling challenges to showing up consistently – like time and energy management
  • Consistently getting your business in front of your audience, every day!

And here’s how we’ll do that.

  • 4 x 45 minute one-on-one calls with me where I’ll use coaching, mentoring and consultancy techniques to help you progress

  • Bi-weekly email check ins to keep you going – even through the sticky bits!

  • Visibility boosting through social media sharing and commenting from me and the group to highlight the power of your personal voice

  • A private WhatsApp group between me, you and the group for weekly actions, Friday morning Q&A + resource sharing

  • A mini-feature about your business on my own social media channels (2,500+ combined engaged community) to showcase your work and core message

  • A feature in one of my weekly newsletters (160+ engaged subscribers) to highlight you and your integral value


Who is this course for?

People working in the visual, 3D arts and craft

You run a creative business related to visual, 3D arts and craft. You’re a photographer, fine artist, illustrator, jewellery maker, stylist, designer – someone who is great with how things look … but maybe not so great when it comes to words.

People who don’t quite know what to say … or when … or how!

You swing between telling EVERYONE what you’re doing and sitting in silence for a week. You feel confident with how things look, but you’re not quite sure what to say. You struggle to be consistent, and worry about being salesy. You’re probably an introvert (or a little shy). But you’re ready to challenge yourself and push through some comfort zones to get where you want to be.

People who want to make connections

You have some good ‘business friends’, but you’d like more moral and professional support so you don’t feel lonely. Sometimes you feel a bit isolated, and it’d be great to have someone cheering you on from the sidelines. And it’d be really good to get some expert advice – from people who get you, your business and what you want to do.


Want to find out more? Let's have a tea break.

I know investing in yourself is a big decision, so let’s have a cuppa first to get to know each other.



Since 2015 I’ve worked with independent business owners to develop their confidence and business success through helping them recognise their own value – and telling other people about it.

I’ll bring my years of experience working with business owners, and with major clients in the creative industries, to the mentoring I do, helping you overcome obstacles so you value yourself, your work, and you feel confident, consistent and visible with your creative business.


Here are a few examples of the results my clients get from working with me.

“I worked with Eleanor when I was planning on taking my business in a new direction. As a result I became more focused on who I wanted to attract. I also overhauled my Instagram feed and actually started booking clients. In fact most of my business now comes from Instagram and the changes I made to my website.” Maryanne, Branding photographer


“Eleanor’s guidance, understanding and humour made it easy for us to identify the things we should emphasise, the things we don’t always remember to say and the things that make us unique. The moment we had the results of the session, it became easier to make the decisions and changes we needed.” Kate, Digital agency

“Eleanor was absolutely incredible. Her innovative and inventive approach to my business problem completely transformed the way I was looking at it. Honestly I know this sounds as if I am exaggerating but some of her ideas resolved things for me that had troubled me my whole life. I went into our session on the verge of tears, feeling it to be a last resort, and came out absolutely beaming and fizzing with new energy and positivity.Het, Illustrator and artist



After completing this six-week course, you will have:

  • A clear understanding of the ‘integral value’ you bring to your audience

  • More confidence and belief in your business and yourself

  • Greater visibility online – and more confidence in being visible

  • A personalised toolkit to help you tap into your business’ full potential

  • A personal voice unique to you which can be easily rolled out time and again

  • A group of people just like you who you can turn to for support, any time you need it

  • A sustainable approach to marketing your business

  • And a business that’s fulfilling more of its incredible potential.


Your business investment: £375


Let's chat (with biscuits).

I want you to feel really excited about whatever you choose to do with your business – and I want to find out more about you, too!

So let’s have a tea break (with biscuits) and get to know each other.

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