Rising Soul Mail Membership

An antidote to the ‘digital age’

Thoughtful mail sent to you each month

Giving you a moment to reflect and create

In a package that’ll delight your doormat.

Digital age = digital overwhelm.

We spend plenty of time online. Emails, news updates, social media, WhatsApp pings, grocery shopping … we get it. The digital age has revolutionised our world.

And frankly we’re exhausted by it.

The digital age has brought digital overwhelm. Our attention spans are decreasing and our anxiety is escalating. It’s a lot.

You love a bit of Instagram snooping and ASOS window-shopping … but what really soothes your rising soul is sitting, resting, reading and creating.

The Rising Soul Mail Membership is your antidote to the hectic, frantic, reactive and noisy digital age which demands you to be always on. It’s a chance to let your soul rest, reflect, create … and rise.

The Rising Soul Mail Membership is your reason to stop the scroll, put down your phone, pick up a pen … and let your soul rise.

What’s inside…

The Rising Soul Mail Membership contains:

  • A thoughtful mail package sent to you each month
  • With a letter on a seasonal theme
  • A piece of artwork for your wall
  • Journal prompts to get you writing and creating
  • And secret surprises!

As an optional extra, you can join the Rising Soul Mail Membership Insta-Gang where we share creative ideas and other thoughtful things whenever the mood strikes.

But as the whole point of the membership is to keep you from getting sucked into the digital black hole, we won’t mind if you opt out of that one.

I loved all of it. It was amazing. Magical. The letter was so aligned with where I was at too it was incredible.

Rising Soul Mail Member
One of the previous mail packages

I loved getting the letter, its a great idea especially in this ‘digital age’.

Rising Soul Mail Member

Thank you for doing this.

Rising Soul Mail Member


  • Rolling monthly membership: £12 a month
  • Three month membership: £36
  • Six month membership: £72 £60 (one-time payment)

Want to buy just a single month or give it as a gift? Sure thing – it’s £12 for a one-off purchase.


When does the mail arrive?

For UK members, the mail should arrive by the 10th of the month. For international members it may take a little longer.

Do I need to sign up for membership on a certain date?

If you want to get the mail package in a specific month, you need to sign up by the first of that month.

For example, if you want to get the mail package on 10 July, you need to sign up by the 1 July.

If you sign up after the first of the month, you’ll get your first package the following month. So if you sign up on 3 July, you’ll get your first package on 10 August.

Is postage included?

Yes, postage is included in the cost. It’s the same monthly price wherever you are in the world!

How is my data kept?

Your data is kept securely in line with GDPR regulations and will only be used to send you your mail.

Will the 3 and 6 month options auto-renew?

No. When your subscription is nearing its end, I’ll send you a reminder. You can then choose to re-subscribe, or end your subscription. You can also cancel a monthly rolling subscription any time via your PayPal account.

I’ve moved house – how do I change my address?

If you need to change your address, let me know before the first of the month by emailing hello@eleanorsnare.com with your new address.

Can I give the membership as a gift?

Yes you can. Select the ‘gift’ option below and make sure to put your recipient’s address in the delivery address section, not yours!

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Are you a coach, retreat organiser, event organiser or workshop facilitator? The Rising Soul Mail Memberships make great additions to retreats, workshops, events, conferences and creative get togethers. Get in touch hello@eleanorsnare.com and let’s talk about how to give your clients something extra-special …