Values-Led Personal Branding Guided Journal


25+ pages of exercises to help you establish your personal brand and build success on your terms

Based on my Values-Led Branding Workshop and my years as an educator, writer and consultant

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Hello there my creative friend!

You’re a freelancer, self-employed person or first-time entrepreneur. You love what you do, but lately you’ve been feeling like something in your work’s not quite right.

You know you’re ‘successful’ but you haven’t got success on your terms nailed down just yet. You’ve been burnt in the past by doing work you’ve hated or taking on clients you’ve not gelled with (and known it!).

You want to feel more confident in what you’re doing and the direction of your work. You want to make sure your life, work and business are aligned with who you truly are. And you want to feel successful on your terms with work and clients you are proud to talk about.

This values-led, Personal Branding Guided Journal is here to help.

I’ve written this guided journal to help freelancers, self-employed people and first-time entrepreneurs feel more confident, more aligned and more on track with your work by addressing something at the heart of what you do:

Your personal brand.

This guided journal isn’t about colour palettes, getting a fancy logo or hiring an expensive web designer.

It’s about discovering what you care about as a business person, getting your values down on paper and showing yourself you can run a business in complete alignment with who you truly are.

I talk you through each stage of the journey in a clear, simple way, taking you from establishing your values and how you express these in your business, through to what your story is, your values-aligned path, and what you promise to do for your customer.

It’s based on my Values-Led Branding workshop which I run with start-ups and small businesses. These are powerful, moving and actionable workshops … so expect a powerful, moving, actionable guided journal.

I am an educator, consultant and writer, so you can also expect a journal which asks the right questions to challenge your preconceptions and support your personal development.

Ultimately, it will get you to a place where you feel more confident and satisfied by your work … because you’ll be developing a business model, and a model of success, that’s based on your terms and your values.

But let me introduce you to Lorraine.

Lorraine is a proofreader and all round wonderful human being who recently used this Personal Branding Guided Journal after feeling a bit ‘wtf’ with her work. Here’s what she said …

“With my business, I’m a get up and get on it type. When it comes to working on myself rather than the biz…? I tend to think I’ll get to it once I’ve done those juicy jobs on my list. Even though I know I need to get my head clear so I can make better decisions and know which directions to take. So I rarely get round to helping myself.

I woke up this morning in the mood. I thought ‘sod it’ and I’m sat in bed working through the Personal Branding Guided Journal right now. I need to brush my teeth. I really do. But this is more important.

I’ve stopped to write this review as the questions are so damn good even though they seem really simple. I’ve been tempted to skip a few thinking, ‘nah I already know this’. Erm… turns out I didn’t! I’m so glad I’ve worked through them all.

I’m not even half way through and I’ve had two huge realisations. The daft thing is, they’re so flipping obvious. Somehow these values and drivers that are intrinsic to me have been squashed and hidden. Under other people’s preconceptions of what I do. Even under my own fears and how I deal with them. It’s been pretty dusty in there but I’ve cleared off so much junk now that I can see those underpinning values right there in my own scribbles.

I’ve finished it now and I’ve plenty to pull together to work from! I’m so glad I woke up feeling frisky to declutter my mind and pull out those values that make me me. And make my biz mine too. Best go brush my teeth!”

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