Crystal Clear Brand Workbook


The Crystal Clear Brand workbook is a step-by-step guide to creating, developing and articulating your creative business’ brand.

It’s based on the live, in-person workshops I do with my marketing clients, using the same techniques to help you get to a brand you’re really proud of.


  • 80 pages of exercises and ideas
  • Including sections on your brand vision, personality, path and more
  • Resulting in a brand manual you can use to guide decision-making
  • Available as an instant digital download
  • Printable

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The Crystal Clear Brand workbook is a step-by-step guide to creating, developing and articulating your creative business’ brand.

Just like the workshops I do in-person, the final result of the workbook is the start of your brand manual: a living, breathing document that contains the foundation for your business.

By completing the exercises in this workbook, you will create a brand manual that’s unique to your business. This manual will contain answers to questions like:
“Who am I as a creative business?”
“What am I doing with my business?”
“What do I say to customers to show them who I really am?”

And the best part is that YOU will have answered those questions.

This workbook will get the answers out of your head, onto the page and into a format that you can use.


“The Crystal Clear Brand workbook helped me articulate the purpose of Curator Space very clearly, in a way I hadn’t ever done before.”

Louise Atkinson, Curator Space


What’s inside?


Here, I explain the purpose of the workbook, how to use it effectively and give you ideas on how you can use your finished brand manual in your creative business


You’ll explore where your business came from, and construct a short history you can easily share with customers


You’ll think deeply about why you do what you do, articulating your brand’s purpose succinctly and clearly

*Bonus section: Your Business and Money

We discuss the idea of being profitable as a creative business, and how to talk about sales with your customers


You’ll use your imagination and discover where you want to be in the future, then define what you’re doing today to get there


You’ll establish a unique personality for your brand, that you can maintain authentically and easily


You’ll carve a distinct path you and your brand can follow, so you never get lost


You’ll build and articulate the two essential messages your customer needs to know about your brand

Your brand manual

You’ll bring together all the work you’ve done in your individual brand manual – a living, breathing document which will guide you in decision making and day-to-day business activities

*Bonus section: Time to dream

You’ll let your imagination run wild and dream up ways you can use your brand manual in your business


“From working with Elly, I now know what I need to say, to who and when – and that takes away a huge amount of stress and frees up time for me.”

Paul Leniham, Owner, NOT IN LOVE premium accessories brand


The workbook is based on the techniques I use with my clients in live, in-person workshops. These exercises have helped them clarify, articulate and understand their brand completely, whether they’ve been a brand new business or someone well-established.

Most importantly, these exercises have helped show my clients they CAN run their creative business in enjoyable and meaningful ways.

They come out of the workshops more confident about what they’re doing and completely clear on what decisions they need to make.

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