On this page you can read the essentials of my work: my mission, values, qualifications, and more.


My mission is to spread creativity throughout the world.


My vision is a world in which creativity of all forms is valued as highly as other forms of human endeavour, in which every creative kid gets the opportunity to explore their art, and in which every creative adult prioritises creative expression and exploration.


The two values which are embedded in my soul are creativity and connection.

From these, wisdom, nature, play, love and communication are all important values in my life.


I live by a gospel:

Connection will save the human race. Creativity is the path to connection. Listen to your soul, not the system you’re living in. Creativity is an act of revolution. Connection is an act of rebellion. You’re not here to make money, buy shit or give a toss about other people’s opinions. You’re here to connect, create and change the world. You’re here to save yourself.


My values and belief system include living and working in a sustainable way. I ask the question: “Can I continue to do what I’m doing for the rest of my life without hurting myself, others, or my environment?“. If the answer is ‘no’, it’s unsustainable.

I encourage everyone to work as sustainably as possible. You can read about my sustainable approach to business here.


From 2020, I will be publishing monthly updates on my blog detailing information about my business, including work, numbers, pipeline and achievements to be as transparent and authentic as possible.

Business set up

I am set up as a sole trader and operate independently. I have a 14 day payment policy which can be extended to a 30 day payment policy dependent on the institution/business.

Qualifications and experience

  • Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
  • BA Hons Design and Applied Arts 2:1
  • MA History of Art Distinction
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Foundation Training in Non Violent Communication
  • Certificate in Personal Coaching
  • CPD courses: Dissertation supervision; Grief, loss and setback at work
  • For full details of my professional experience, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile