My journey to becoming a mentor.

Let me start with the important things.

I believe we’re all unique souls who can become our true selves through recognition and nurturing. I believe we can all value ourselves and what we have to offer. And I believe our creative work is a great place to begin.


Looking back, I can see my career in the creative industries has been characterised by wanting these things: for the clients and colleagues I worked with to feel truly themselves and truly valued. But it’s not been a straight line from then to now.

After completing my degrees in design and art history, I spend four years in two big marketing and communications agencies. I was responsible for creating content which engaged people: our clients, their customers, and their teams. People like Marks and Spencer, Shop Direct, Unilever, Lloyds Banking Group and more.

I worked on editorial, pitches, communication strategies, digital marketing workshops, social media – everything that was about saying “Here’s what we do, and here’s why it’s valuable.”

The problem was that while I was working to create content to show how valuable our clients were, the agencies in was in didn’t seem to value me. Or my team mates. Or the work we did. Or the energy it took to do it.

So how could I pour my time into saying our clients were valuable, when I didn’t feel valuable myself?

I made a decision. I would go freelance. I would run my business in a way that showed I valued myself, I valued the work I did, and I valued my clients.

Part of my freelance experience included becoming a university tutor in marketing. My rich experience in the creative industries helped me get this job.

But actually, the most important thing I did in that role wasn’t to teach marketing.

Because as I navigated my freelance journey, the same conversations came up again and again.

Whenever I would work with individuals to develop their creative business, or students to develop their creative projects, we would start talking about branding, marketing and communication.

And then we would end up talking about personal confidence. Self-esteem. Self-belief.

Every time.

I realised, very organically, that what I was really offering to the people I worked with – the gift that I could give them – was the time and space and tools to recognise their own value.

Absolutely, I gave good marketing and communication advice.

But the thing I was giving that truly supported these people to reach their full potential was believing what they were doing was of value and being able to communicate that.

Now, I mentor individuals within creative agency teams and individuals running their own creative businesses specifically to help them recognise their own value and communicate it to other people.

And, without a doubt, I believe this is the best thing I can do with my time on this planet.


Want to get to know me a little more?

I’m able to give you a selection of freely-available content so you can to get to know me, how I communicate and the way I work before you invest in working with me as a mentor.