Mentoring to build strength and resilience in creative organisations.

Where will your organisation be in 50 years’ time?

What about 20? Or even five?

It’s hard to predict the future of any organisation. But the one thing you CAN predict is that your people will still be your greatest resource.

Their creativity, communication and emotional intelligence are already some of most valuable assets in your organisation.

But in the future – the one of AI, automation and strict sustainability – skills like creative problem solving, innovation and resourcefulness will be crucial to your organisation’s resilience, strength and survival.


Through one-to-one mentoring, I support individuals in teams within creative organisations to develop their communication and EQ skills.

When members of your team can communicate effectively, they develop better working relationships. When they recognise their own integral value, they can commit more fully to their role. They feel secure, and are more willing to take risks and come up with more innovative ideas. They’re more willing to work through difficult times, because they value themselves and feel supported by you and their team mates.

They start to let go of the behaviours based on fear, loss and low self-esteem that hold them back from reaching their full potential. They can contribute more to the organisation, create better working environments and develop with your entire organisation.

And they begin to make your business stronger and more resilient through their personal development.


Since 2011 I’ve worked with clients from independent agencies to FTSE 100 companies to develop and deliver their communication, brand and engagement strategies.

Now, I bring these years of experience working in the creative industries with major clients to the mentoring I do, helping people in teams overcome obstacles so they value themselves, their work, and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients.

I am a practitioner of non-violent communication and systemic coaching techniques, a champion for mental health and wellbeing, an advocate for the four sustainable development ‘pillars’ and a believer in people’s unlimited potential.

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Here’s how it works.

In my one-to-one mentoring with your team members, I’ll use conversation, self-directed activities, practical tools and examples from my professional experience in the creative industries to help them overcome obstacles holding them back from fulfilling their full potential.

Each of your team members will get the time, space and tools they need to overcome their unique personal challenges to valuing themselves, valuing their work, and communicating effectively.

While the mentoring packages do include group sessions, this isn’t group mentoring.

It’s individual mentoring to tackle individual problems, with powerful results for each person and your entire team.


“Her mentoring skills have meant an individual in my team has been able to grow in confidence within her role and excel at what she does. I would urge anyone to work with Eleanor, it’s a great experience!” Jessica


“After our workshop with Eleanor it was fairly obvious that we had some glaring blind spots in our thinking. Eleanor challenged us to think deeper, and then helped us understand how we can articulate what we do in a way that made sense to our audience.” Andrew


What your team members get:

  • More confidence in their work and creativity
  • Clearer communication with their team mates and clients
  • Greater emotional intelligence and kinder ‘self-talk’
  • A personalised toolkit to help them tap into their full potential
  • And belief in the value of who they are and what they do

What your organisation gets:

  • Stronger, clearer communication channels
  • Greater resilience to ride out tricky times
  • Better relationships
  • And a more sustainable, consistent pattern of success


My mentoring packages start at £1000 for a three-month retainer, including monthly small group sessions, individual one-to-one mentoring and manager catch ups.


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