Let’s work together to make your business a success and fulfil your creative potential.

To create the success you want for your business, I believe it’s essential you value yourself, you value the work you do, and you can tell other people about it with confidence.


If you value yourself and the work you do, you’re more able to tap into everything you have to offer your customers and the world.

You’re more able to let go of the behaviours and myths you hold now which are based on fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem – the behaviours and myths which are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

You feel more secure in who you are and what you do, and you feel confident in talking about it. You’re confident that what you’re doing is bringing value to you, your customers and the world, and you enjoy telling people about it.

And you begin to create the sustainable, consistent success you want for your creative business.


Since 2015 I’ve worked with independent business owners to develop their confidence and business success through helping them recognise their own value – and telling other people about it.

I’ll bring my years of experience working with business owners, and with major clients in the creative industries, to the mentoring I do, helping you overcome obstacles so you value yourself, your work, and talk about it with confidence to friends, family and customers.

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Here’s how it works.

In our mentoring sessions, I’ll use conversation, self-directed activities, practical tools and examples from my professional experience in the creative industries to help you overcome the specific obstacles holding you back from fulfilling your full potential.

You’ll get the time, space and tools you need to overcome your unique personal challenges to valuing yourself, valuing your work, and talking about it with confidence.


“I worked with Eleanor when I was planning on taking my business in a new direction. As a result I became more focused on who I wanted to attract. I also overhauled my Instagram feed and actually started booking clients. In fact most of my business now comes from Instagram and the changes I made to my website.” Maryanne


“Eleanor’s guidance, understanding and humour made it easy for us to identify the things we should emphasise, the things we don’t always remember to say and the things that make us unique. The moment we had the results of the session, it became easier to make the decisions and changes we needed.” Kate


As a result of working together, you will have:

  • More confidence in your business and what you do
  • More confidence in how you talk about what you to do customers, friends and family
  • More resilient emotional intelligence and kinder ‘self-talk’
  • A personalised toolkit to help you tap into your full potential
  • A more consistent, sustainable pattern of success
  • And a deep, true belief in the value of who you are and what you do


My mentoring service starts at £225 for a six-week package, including one-to-one mentoring calls and email support.


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And just to let you know – I don’t do pushy sales tactics on these calls. I believe that great work comes when people ‘click’, and we’ll both know if that happens when we chat.