Marketing consultancy.

I work with creative businesses as a marketing consultant.

What is marketing consultancy?

Marketing consultancy is when someone skilled in marketing works with you to solve a marketing problem. This might be whether your brand is coming across in the right way in your marketing through to whether you are using the best Instagram hashtags for your audience.

A consultant might train you, mentor you, coach you or give you ideas to implement in your business.

I do all of these things in my work as a marketing consultant.


I like to suggest a tailored service to each of my client’s marketing problems. However, some of my popular services include:

  • An in-person workshop to understand your brand’s tone of voice
  • An in-person workshop to understand your customer more fully, and how to communicate with them
  • One-to-one monthly Skype sessions where we unpick and solve your marketing problems


My rates are £60/hour or £420/day (US$80/hour or US$560/day).

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly how much output you get for an hour or day of my time. Here are a couple of common costs:

  • Three monthly one-hour Skype sessions: £180 / $240
  • One four-hour facilitated workshop, plus full write up: £420 / $560

However, I always like to give a specific quotation so you are fully aware of all the costs involved.

Working together

I like to work in a sustainable way, which you can read about here.

You can read client testimonials here.

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