Letters From My Home & Heart is a monthly mail package that helps you navigate the obstacles you’ll face when choosing to live, work and be on your own terms.

Choosing to live life creatively, differently – in your way – is not easy.

When I chose to do it, I felt isolated. I felt misunderstood, alienated and disconnected. Whether it was in discussions with my family, meetings at work about projects, or even in conversation with partners or friends who were meant to ‘get’ me. Not to mention every time I opened a magazine or looked on Facebook.

It was like I was the ‘odd one out’ – the weirdo – all because I’d made a different choice; the choice to live, work and be in the a different way.

Over time, I successfully navigated these obstacles (there are some I’m still navigating). I learnt which were external and which ones I had created in my head.

And in doing so I have constructed a life, a business and a path which allows me to be me without sacrificing love, friendship or connection.

Letters From My Home & Heart is a monthly mail package that gives you greater insight into the ideas and tools I’ve used on my journey, put together in a way so you can use them in navigating your own path. That’s the path you’re on right now to discovering, becoming and (most importantly) believing in yourself and the life you’re going to live.

Opening this package each month, you’ll feel inspired by the ideas that are inside … but you’ll also feel understood, appreciated and optimistic – because there are ways to live life your way and be happy, connected and loved.

What’s included …

Each package includes:

  • A letter on a seasonal or personal theme that will help you navigate your journey
  • A piece of my artwork, such as a photograph, painting, collage or poem, on the theme
  • Scans of my handwritten daily journal I’ve been keeping for three years, documenting my journey, and discussions on their contents
  • An exercise or two for you to put into practice over the following weeks

It may also include anything – messages, quotes, images, ideas … – that speak to me that month as important for you to hear. Plus, when relevant, I’ll include information about upcoming events or services I’m offering.

The content of Letters will be exclusively for subscribers.

I won’t be sharing it with just anyone on the Internet. It won’t be in my monthly email newsletter, it won’t be on my website or Instagram – it will only be in these packages. This is powerful, meaningful, personal writing, and that means giving it to those people who are going to cherish it.


Letters From My Home & Heart subscriptions start from £10 a month wherever you are in the world.

  • Rolling monthly subscription: £12 a month
  • Three months of Letters: one-time payment of £36
  • 6 months of Letters: £72 £60 (one-time payment)
  • 12 months of Letters: £144 £120 (one-time payment)


Is postage included?

Yes, postage is included in the cost. It’s the same monthly price wherever you are in the world. The Letters will be sent out first class.

How is my data kept?

Your data is kept securely in line with GDPR regulations and will only be used to send you your Letters.

Will the 3, 6 and 12 month options auto-renew?

No, these options will not auto-renew (so stings in the tail here). When your subscription is nearing its end, I’ll send you a reminder. You can then choose to re-subscribe, or end your subscription.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time via your PayPal account.

I’ve moved house – how do I change my address?

If you need to change your address, you can do so at any time before the next subscription deadline (see table below) to make sure you receive the next package. Just email hello@eleanorsnare.com with your new address.

When is the deadline to receive the next package?

Here are the subscription deadlines for 2020:

Subscribe by … To receive your Letter in …
Friday 31 January 2020February 2020
Saturday 29 FebruaryMarch
Sunday 29 MarchApril
Monday 27 AprilMay
Tuesday 26 MayJune
Thursday 25 JuneJuly
Friday 24 JulyAugust
Sunday 23 AugustSeptember
Monday 21 SeptemberOctober
Wednesday 21 OctoberNovember
Friday 20 NovemberDecember
Sunday 20 DecemberJanuary 2021

Your journey is unique. Your life is unique. You are unique! Yet there is so much we have in common.

My experience isn’t exactly like yours – but the lessons I’ve learnt will help you in navigating those experiences.

I look forward to being part of your life’s journey in discovering, becoming and believing in yourself.

Peace and love to you 🌱

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