High-impact mentoring for teams in creative agencies


I offer high-impact, face-to-face or video call mentoring for teams in communication, marketing, digital, design and branding agencies to help people value themselves and what they do, resulting in benefits for their career, your team and the whole business.

Research suggests it’s emotional intelligence, not simply hard talent, which influences nearly 60% of a person’s success in their role at work [source].

Experience also shows that businesses who work with a mentor have revenue increases which are approximately five times greater than businesses without mentoring or advisory support [source].

When we feel valued we feel more secure and willing to take risks, try new things and work harder, knowing who we are and what we do is valued by the people around us.

We are more able to let go of behaviours based on fear, loss and low self-esteem that do not help us, our teams or our work.

Letting go of these behaviours lets us be happier and improves communication, resilience, emotional intelligence and stress levels in your business.

My mentoring packages start at £1000 for a three to five person team for three months.

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Eleanor was recommended as a coach when I wanted to hone and develop my writing skills as well as build my confidence, and given her impressive creative background and her clear passion for people, she was the ideal mentor. She is genuine, friendly and uses the perfect blend of practical solutions whilst helping you to figure out the answer for yourself. Importantly, though, her focus is clearly on you and none of her advice feels prescriptive or rehearsed, and in a world where listening is becoming a dying art, this is incredibly refreshing. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!”

Carol, Mentee at Virtual College


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