My dear creative friend,

You are creative. You are skilled. You care so much about your work. And you are so shy of telling people about it. You are so frightened of being judged. Yet you know there is a big thing inside you waiting to be born.

You want to make change. Hell, you want to change the world. You want to do something with your life. You want to be remembered. You want to create a legacy. Yet you worry you’re not allowed. You’re scared of failing, but you’re scared more of never trying.

You want to create something – something real you can look at, and say ‘I made this’, and feel like whatever else happens, you made this happen. You want to stop being the thing that holds you back. You want to believe in yourself and your work for once. You want to be the person you feel like on good days when you look in the mirror.

You want to make a difference. You’re so frustrated and so ready to give up – but you don’t, because you know there must be a way. You are so ready to do your thing in the way that is exactly you.

You cannot wait any goddamn longer because this is it, this is what’s happening right now and you are so bored of not being the creative person you know you can be.

You are very nervous and you are very scared. But here’s the thing:

Life’s too short and you are too creative to let this moment go to waste.

Let’s help you do something amazing.

Start your journey here.

Yours, with heartfelt connection,