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I like getting to know someone before I work with them, don’t you?

I’m able to give you a selection of freely-available content so you can to get to know me, how I communicate and the style of mentoring I do before you invest in working with me.


The best bit of my free content is my weekly, in-depth newsletter.

I really recommend signing up to my weekly newsletter. This is where I create my most valuable, free content: in-depth advice straight to your inbox on how to value yourself and the work you’re doing.

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I love Instagram for creating free content that you can absorb in five minutes. I run several features on Instagram that are particularly valuable if you run a creative business:

  • The hashtag #hugsbeforehustle
  • The hashtag #worthwhileweek
  • And my FAQ Friday

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I very much enjoy the opportunity LinkedIn gives me: to create free content specifically designed for leaders and managers of creative teams.

My #worthwhileweek hashtag is one of my LinkedIn features, along with my weekly tip on one thing you can do that week to engage with your team’s wellbeing.


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