A letter to you

Dear friend I haven’t met yet,

My name is Eleanor. I’m a creativity consultant, art school educator, writer and speaker.

And I’m on a mission to liberate hidden artists across the world.

As a child, I loved art. I loved drawing, making, reading, dancing – anything creative! I’d make witches’ potions from flowers, faces from fruit salad and spend a lot of time putting together the perfect outfit to go to the supermarket.

I worked hard to get to art college, then to art school and then onto an MA in History of Art.

And then … I went into the ‘real world’. I forgot about how much I loved art.

I forgot about my little creative child.

It just seemed so much easier to do something acceptable and proper and get a ‘real job’. So I ended up working in marketing.

I worked in marketing for big clients like Marks and Spencer, Lloyds TSB, Unilever, New Look and BMW. I wrote, pitched and won a £1.5m communications strategy for a national telecoms provider when I was just was 25. I worked hard and fast and … forgot about the person I used to be.

I forgot what was really important to me: Creativity. Connection. Changing the world.

I was so busy pumping out work for big brands that I’d forgotten about that little creative child who loved reading, who loved dressing up – the little child who was so very happy being creative.

I was unhappy and stressed. Worst of all, I was unconscious of what was happening.

One day, after a particularly shitty week at work, I looked around at what I was doing.

And it came to me, quite clearly. It was the same sensation as when you are looking at a mysterious patch of light on the ceiling that keeps moving, and you suddenly realise: it’s a reflection from your watch.

All of my creativity was being pushed into just a couple of outlets: the clothes I wore. The little blog I ran. The tiny bits of travel I managed to escape on.

I was ignoring the thing I loved most in the world and cramming it into tiny spaces.

My inner artist was stuck, and I was on the treadmill to wake up in twenty years and wonder what I’d done with my one wild and precious life.

So I got off the treadmill.

I set up by myself.

I started to liberate my hidden artist.

In turn, I began to help other people build real, profitable work from their creative endeavours.

I began to support the next generation of young artists as an art school educator.

I began to establish my own, multi-disciplinary creative practice.

I was honouring my creative child. I was liberating my hidden artist.

And I was living.

Now, each day I get to work on this mission. I get to liberate hidden artists, helping people and organisations of all kinds access their innate creative abilities to make work and projects which are more imaginative, more meaningful and more profitable.

You don’t have to buy from me to liberate your own hidden artist. Hell, you don’t even have to talk to me. But you do have to promise that you’ll do one thing:

Don’t do what I did. Don’t forget about the artist hidden inside you.

Let them live, free and vibrant and in all that you do.

In return, you will be given a life you never thought was possible.

And if you need help to keep that promise – you know where I am.

Your friend,