I coach people like you so you can plan, execute and achieve that Big Creative Thing you’ve been dreaming of.

I focus on language, listening and giving you the time and space to solve your own problems, rather than taking a prescriptive or ‘silver bullet’ approach.

Everything comes from you, so I won’t be using the same template approach in each session – instead I blend together teaching, coaching, mentoring and therapeutic techniques to fit what you need to bring your dream to life.

Me on our two-month trip to Colombia

My coaching is for people with creative hearts, big dreams they want to bring to life … and that stuck, blocked, frustrated feeling.

It’s for people who want to get a fresh perspective on what’s happening in their life, a feeling of relief and excitement … and a coach who’s going to listen without judgement and not just try to sell them some shit.

My 1:1 coaching prices start at £50 for a one-off, 45-minute session.

And I offer everyone an initial ‘Coffee for Coaching’ session.

Coffee for Coaching is a 30-minute, 1:1 session with me for the price of a coffee.

In this session, you get half an hour to:

  • Share a problem about your creative work without anyone telling you they’re busy or “It’ll be fine, don’t worry”
  • Experience how I coach and mentor in a low risk, non-salesy way
  • Find out whether coaching is the right thing to help you move forward in your creative plans

I believe you are infinitely capable of amazing, creative things.

Let’s see how we can help you believe that too.

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