About me

I’m Eleanor Snare and I’m a consultant, educator and copywriter. I help creative businesses market themselves in sustainable ways.


In the last five years I’ve worked with international brands to develop successful marketing and communication campaigns, including working with over 10 marketing agencies and creative businesses in my first year of freelance work.

Alongside my business, I work as a Teaching Fellow in Fashion Marketing at the University of Leeds, teaching students how to be marketers with integrity who put meaning into everything they do. I’ve guest lectured at London College of Fashion and presented at conferences in Milan, Stockholm and New York.

Before that, I did my BA in Design and Applied Arts and my MA in History of Art, specialising in fashion blogging.

why i do what i do

My goal in life is to help people fulfil their potential. Fulfilling your potential can be incredibly challenging, and why I believe sustainability is essential to personal and professional growth.

You can read more about why I do what I do, and what you can expect from this site, here.


I work as a marketing consultant and trainer for creative businesses, helping them market themselves in sustainable ways. You can read more about my consultancy services and training services by clicking the buttons below.

I also work as a copywriter to help deliver successful marketing materials.


Get in touch

Email me hello@eleanorsnare.com if you’re interested in how we can work together.

Say hello on Twitter if you’d like to ask me more questions or have a chat.

A comprehensive CV and list of my clients is available through my LinkedIn profile.


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