Hi there!

My name is Eleanor. I’m an artist, writer, poet and performer.

And I’m a coach and mentor for people like you.

I’ve been having big creative dreams since I was a little kid … but for a long time I forgot about them.

Ever since I was a tiny tot I loved art. I loved drawing, making, reading, dancing – anything creative! I’d make witches’ potions from flowers and a bucket of water, make faces from fruit salad and spend a lot of time putting together the perfect outfit to go to the supermarket.

I worked hard to get to art college, and went on to art school (much to everyone’s dismay) then onto an MA in History of Art.

And then … I went into the ‘real world’. I forgot about how much I loved art. I forgot about my little creative child.

It just seemed so much easier to do something acceptable and proper and get a ‘real job’. So I ended up working in marketing.

I worked in marketing for big clients like Marks and Spencer, Lloyds TSB, Unilever, New Look and BMW. I wrote, pitched and won a £1.5m communications strategy for a national telecoms provider when I was just was 25. I worked hard and fast and … forgot about that creative child.

I’d forgotten what was really important to me: Creativity. Connection. Changing the world.

I was so busy pumping out content for big brands that I’d forgotten about that little creative child who loved reading, who loved dressing up, who was so very happy being creative.

One day, after a particularly shitty week at work, I looked around at what I was doing.

All of my creativity was being pushed into just a couple of outlets: The clothes I wore. The little blog I ran. The travel I managed to go on.

And I thought …

“I don’t want to wake up in twenty years and wonder what the fuck I’ve done with my life. I don’t want to waste this precious time doing things which aren’t going to change the world. I don’t want to waste this one life I have on not being my most creative, most expressive self.”

So I packed in my job.

I set up by myself.

I helped other creative people in building interesting, enjoyable businesses.

I became a university lecturer so I could support the next generation of creatives.

I started writing poetry and performing it (and winning awards).

I travelled – a lot!

I started living.

Now, I’ve carved out a space for myself where I get to have the three most important things as part of my daily life.

Creativity. Connection. Changing the world.

And best of all, I get to help other creative people – artists, writers and makers – make it part of their daily life too.

I get to help people like you.

Find out how I do that here.