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April 2019

The story of my journey to feeling worthwhile

  One of my favourite things to do is very small, like many great things in life. Each morning I like to have a glass of orange juice with my breakfast. Not particularly ground-breaking, I know. But it gives me a joyful start to a day, and it is a small, great thing. Yet for a long time I didn't do it. I thought buying orange juice (the nice stuff: [...]

Four reasons why small business owners get rewarded for being busy all the time, and how it doesn’t serve you

When I attended the One Woman Conference in October 2018, the founder asked us: “Who here wears busy as a badge of honour?” Awkwardness. A little silence. And then a lot of nodding and ‘uh-huh’ing. Because you know what that means. Busy as a badge of honour is “I’ve just got so much on right now” said with a humble smile “Oh, it’s exh[...]

How perfectionism holds you back as a business owner

As you're trying to carry too many things up the stairs at once, you feel a notebook slide … sense an awkward balancing act … and – too late. Your favourite mug has met a bitter separation with its handle (and several other pieces). So what do you do? Do you bin it? Fix it with superglue? Or do you 'kintsugi' it? Let me introduce to kintsugi. It roug[...]

The best way to overcome creative block – and it’s very simple

Some days, you'll have that feeling. You know the one. It's the feeling where no matter what projects or deadlines you have, you can't seem to muster up the creativity to do what needs to be done. Creative block is a real thing. When faced with the blank page, some days we just can't do it. So we run, hide and avoid doing anything creative at all. Alternative[...]