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April 2018

How to have faith without religion

Hello. Let's talk about faith. (It's a long one). I want you to know this is not about religion. Maybe it will be a bit woo-woo, but hey, have you been reading my emails? Woo-woo's built in. I've wanted to write about faith, and the process of having faith, for a while. But the time hasn't been right. Pretty much every article I write I use the words[...]

How to reclaim ‘intense’ as a way to live your life

Hello. After last week's too-much-ness, let's talk about intensity. Recently, each time my family or friends ask "How's it going?", I've been replying: "Yeah, good, doing loads of great stuff, lots going on ... but you know, it's been a bit intense this week." Or "yesterday" or "this month" or "in the last five minutes". I was saying it enough fo[...]

How to manage people who say ‘you’re just too much’

Hello. Let’s talk about being too much. “We will embark on a pragmatic exploration of the tactile world in a way that can be described as ‘too much!’. An exploration of the ‘too…’ used by children to express approval and enthusiasm.” Notes on SS18 leather and fur trend display, Premiere Vision, Paris. (This is another long one, so mak[...]

How to use your teeth properly

Hello. Let's talk teeth. Recently, I shared my latest experience with the I Ching. The result advised me to bite through the obstacles in my path. (The I Ching is an ancient system which helps you see a situation in a new way. Check it out. Every time I do it gives me something meaningful.) Biting: 'to use the teeth to cut into something'. It's[...]