10 Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram for Fashion Week

10 inspiring fashion illustrators to follow on Instagram - Eleanor Snare (1)


Originally this article was going to be about top Instagram accounts to follow for upcoming fashion weeks. But there are only so many pictures of macarons, flowers, pigeon-toed shoes and other nonsense one can suffer through before you get to the good stuff – you know, the actual clothes and shows.

Instead, here are 10 fashion illustrators you should follow on Instagram for fashion week. Some of them will be live-sketching at events, while others might recreate the looks afterwards – and some just draw people with clothes on.

Whichever way it goes, their beautiful mark-making is much more interesting than another perfectly manicured hand gripping a Starbucks.


10 Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram for Fashion Week


Blair Breitenstein @blairz

Loose portraits of melancholic, alien-like models.

Scott W Mason @scottwmason

Big black lines with primaries and plenty of s-p-a-c-e.

Duangkamol Suthumachote @daydream.drawing

Soft, dreamlike marker work (and occasionally fishes).

James Davison @jamesdavinsonstudio

Slightly aggro, sexy punk stuff. A bit NSFW.

Cristina Alonso @cristinaalonsoillustration

Gorgeously girly, super-pink. Just enjoy it.

Rachel Merrill @ohhhaeee

My notes say “Tin Tin style fashion illustration”. Very cool.

Nellyaba @nellyaba

Colourful, vibrant and particularly like the work on grey ground.

Mirabelle @mirabelle_fashion_illustrator

Rambling Miro-style lines and puddles of watercolour.

Yuko @pontariver

Puffs of pastel and models fading into the background.

Monika Kozak @mon_and_ka

Slightly creepy block colour people.


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